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Gatto mi segue in bagno Ferplast
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Have you ever wondered why your cat follows you everywhere, especially in the bathroom? Cats have many bizarre habits and following their owners into the bathroom falls into this category. Why do they do this?

How many times have you walked to the bathroom and, just as you were closing the door to enjoy your privacy, your cat peeped in or started scratching at the door to get in?

All cats do this, don’t worry, there are many different reasons and there are some tricks to make him let you live!

The cat follows me into the toilet: possible causes

1. He’s in love

One of the most plausible and sweetest reasons why your cat “follows” you even into the bathroom is that he loves you. The cat wants to take advantage of every second of your presence and every possible opportunity to spend time with you! He adores you so much that he will follow you everywhere in the house. He wants to sleep with you and will often ask you for cuddles. This behavior often occurs when your cat is at home alone for many hours of the day.

2. He’s hot

If the temperature is high, your cat will follow you into the bathroom because he’s looking for cool surfaces to lie on, such as the shower tray, the bath or the tiles. These allow him to find refreshment.

 3. He’s thirsty

Your cat follows you into the bathroom because he needs fresh water. Cats are crazy about moving water and the bathroom is a room where they find the most opportunities for water fun. Bidet taps, shower taps, toilet water, etc.

Cats love a good spring of water

If your cat always follows you when you go to the bathroom, try to provide him with fresh, clean and, even better, moving water with Ferplast’s Fontanella Vega. It is an ideal accessory because, on the one hand, it guarantees continuous water recycling and offers your cat fresh water. On the other hand, it reproduces the spring effect to stimulate your animal’s natural need to drink and play, to feel like a predator and a little explorer. Thanks to the non-slip caps on the base, it is very stable on the floor.

In addition to this, Fontanella Vega is made of plastic with Sanitized treatment, a permanent antibacterial protection that effectively shields it from odour-causing bacteria.

The cat follows me into the bathroom, but I feel uncomfortable: what should I do?

If, for privacy and hygiene reasons, you prefer not to be followed into the bathroom, here are some tricks to let you puppy outside. The best thing you can do is to explain to your cat that the bathroom is a room he can’t enter. How? With patience, perseverance, positive reinforcement and a few tricks such as a water fountain. This way, you will be able to stop your cat from following you into the bathroom.

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