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Ferplast gatto sotto la coperta
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Anyone who has a cat at home knows very well how much our feline friends like to carve out a few hours of peace and quiet, away from prying eyes. But why do cats hide under the covers? 

Cats usually like to hide in strange, often cramped and warm places. Of all of them, blankets are certainly among their favourite hiding places. Although not surprising, there are some reasons why your cat may adopt this type of behaviour. 

Ferplast gatto sotto le coperte

Your cat seeks warmth and rest

Cats hide under blankets especially during the winter season. Thus, blankets become a safe haven for them, in which they can not only feel sheltered but also comfortable and warm. 

Cats often also curl up under the blankets as a matter of closeness to their owner and because of a strong sense of security that the home environment offers them. The search for cuddles and attention may in fact be another valid reason for this habit. The blankets can then be a real place of relaxation for your feline, where he can take an undisturbed nap.

To meet this cat’s need for shelter and to prevent him from using our blankets and covering them with their hair, Ferplast has developed a series of comfortable igloo cat beddings. Tufli, for example, is a fully padded, soft ecological fur bed with a convenient opening front. It is the perfect place for more reserved and shy cats who need a safe place to take refuge. 

If you are looking for a cat house with an elegant and refined design, Majesty is the one for you! Rounded in shape, it is made of velvet, has a comfortable cushion inside and is available in three colours. 

Ferplast cuccetta per gatti Tufli

Your cat does not feel well

It is not always a good sign if your cat hides under the covers. Very often cats tend to seek isolated hiding places even when they are not feeling well. The symptoms that are usually associated with this type of behaviour are diarrhoea, lethargy, dehydration or lack of appetite. 

That is why it is always a good idea to observe your cat’s habits and mood, trying to pick up on possible health problems even in these small signs and contact your vet. 

Fear and stress in the cat

Stress and fear are two other very common factors that may lead your cat to hide under the blankets. Since, as mentioned above, the bed and blankets are a place that transmits tranquillity and security to the feline, it is also perfect when the cat is anxious or afraid of something. 

On these occasions, it will tend to take refuge in the most protected place it knows, sheltered from any threat. The cat is a very habit-forming animal and even a small change could be a source of agitation for it. Warm, cosy blankets then have a real calming effect on the cat, managing to calm it down.  

Ferplast gatto impaurito si nasconde sotto le coperte

Your cat want to play

Play can be another trigger for your cat to hide under the covers. This behaviour is especially observed in younger cats, as it is a place where kittens can hide and ambush their owner.

The blankets thus stimulate the desire to play and often also bring out the felines’ predatory instincts. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why cats is driven to hide under the blankets, it is up to their owner to try to interpret all these behaviors! What about your cat? Does she/he hide under the covers?

Ferplast gatto si nasconde sotto le coperte per giocare

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