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Ferplast cane su barca con pettorina ergotrekking
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Spring is officially on its way and your four-legged friend is ready for walks, treks and hikes? Rely on Ferplast and choose the comfort and safety of the Ergotrekking dog harness.

It will be perfect for all your dog’s adventures, even the most intense ones. Thanks to its innovative features it will provide your pet with comfort, agility and lots of fun!

Ferplast pettorina per cani Ergotrekking addestratore

What is the anti-panic dog harness?

The Ergotrekking harness is part of the category of dog harnesses commonly referred to as ‘panic‘ or escape-proof‘ harnesses. It is a specific harness, designed to fit as close to the dog’s body as possible, with a band also on the belly, in order to keep the dog under control without the risk of taking off the harness.

This is why it is suitable for dogs that become frightened and tend to run away.

Contrary to what many people think, this type of harness is not only intended for medium-sized or large dogs, but is also suitable for smaller animals.

The doubt of many dog owners concerns the dog’s freedom of movement. These types of harnesses are specially designed to give the animal maximum mobility, without the risk of abrasions or injuries on the body. It is always recommended, however, to check that the fastenings are not too tight.

Ferplast pettorina antipanico per cani Ergotrekking

Why choose the Ergotrekking harness

The Ergotrekking harness has an innovative ergonomic shape, suitable for dogs of all sizes and dimensions. It is very easy to put on and perfect not only for simple walks with your four-legged friend, but also and especially for more intense and dynamic activities, such as trekking or hiking in the mountains.

Features and Benefits

The Ergotrekking harness is made of robust and wear-resistant nylon. In addition, thanks to its soft inner padding, it is extremely comfortable and soft when worn. Finally, the practical handle on the back will help your dog overcome any obstacles.

Ergotrekking ensures a perfect fit and distributes the traction evenly over the dog’s body. It has the special feature of six fastening points with a patented micro-adjustment system, which guarantees a perfect fit and adaptability on the animal’s back. 

Do you walk your dog during the night hours? The Ergotrekking harness is also excellent for this kind of activity. The sides of the harness are fitted with reflective strips that increase the animal’s visibility in the dark or in half-light. 

Ferplast pettorina per cani Ergotrekking chiusura

Sizes and colours

The Ergotrekking harness is suitable for any type and breed of dog. It is available in five different sizes, from XS to XL. You can also adjust the fastening thanks to the convenient micro-adjustment system, which allows the harness to fit and adapt very well to the body of any size of dog. Furthermore, you can choose between two different colours, black or brown. 

Are you ready to give your dog the best experiences? Choose the Ergotrekking harness, it will be the must-have accessory for adventures in the company of your four-legged friend. 

Ferplast pettorina per cani Ergotrekking acqua

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