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Have you ever wondered if and which bones to give your dog? We’ve all had Fido by our side staring at us with pleading eyes while we eat, but is giving them bones really a good idea? Very often little attention is paid to this topic, when in fact it is not a practice to be taken lightly. 

Here are some of the basic rules and tips to follow in order to please your dog and at the same time ensure his health and physical well-being.

The benefits of bones

Although great care must be taken, bones contain several health benefits for your dog. 

The first positive effect of bones is to keep the dog’s teeth clean and healthy. In addition, they can have the function of supplementing the dog’s diet, since they contain calcium and minerals. Especially bone marrow is rich in fatty acids, omega 3 essential for the development of the nervous system.

Bones are not just a simple toy to munch on, they are an integral part of your dog’s diet. That is why, as with other foods, they must be well balanced, avoiding excesses.

Which bones to give the dog and which not to give 

There are many types of bones, but beware, not all of them are suitable for your dog’s diet. Suitable bones are those that are fleshier, not bare but well covered with meat and skin. These include those of chicken, rabbit, lamb, beef and veal.

However, there are certain types of bones that are best avoided. In particular are those of turkey, pork, game and all those that are cut and not whole, which may have bone fragments that are harmful to your pet.

Any kind of cooked bones is also strongly discouraged. In fact, cooking makes them much less digestible, with the possibility of even causing intestinal blockage. Cooked bones tend to break and splinter more easily and can cause serious damage to both the stomach and intestines. Moreover, during cooking they lose their organic part, the part that most benefits the animal. 

Ferplast ossa ai cani Beagle

How to give your dog bones 

If you want to start introducing bones into your dog’s diet, it is first a good idea to give them outside meals. Bones involve a long digestion time and in this way you avoid weighing the animal down. 

Size is also important. It is best to choose a bone of a suitable size so that the dog can chew it without too much effort. The bones should neither be too small, as there is a risk of the dog swallowing them whole, nor too large. 

You must avoid trying to take the bone out of his mouth, as he might swallow it whole. Try to get your dog to gnaw the bone in a quiet place where she/he does not feel observed or not afraid that someone might steal it from him. 

It is very important to consult your vet before giving bones to your dog, for advice on dosage and how to administer them. 

Bone is usually not recommended for dogs that eat industrial food. Their digestive system is not predisposed to degrade bone. Furthermore, industrial food already contains sufficient calcium and minerals in it. A bone could cause an imbalance in the diet. 

The feeding of bones to puppies up to 6 months of age and to dogs with digestive difficulties, gastritis and gastrointestinal problems is not recommended. Bones are a complex food to digest and in such cases may aggravate existing problems. 

It is good to be very careful when deciding to give your dog a bone and to choose the most suitable one for him. 

Ferplast ossa ai cani quali dare snack

Dog chews from Ferplast

Wanting to avoid all the risks associated with giving your dog bones, you can always opt for chews, i.e. products that serve to encourage chewing and, through its mechanical action, the cleaning of teeth. Ferplast offers two very useful ranges with interesting features for this purpose.

Goodbite Natural is a range of chews made from natural components derived from corn starch. Advantages of this product include the fact that it is non-food, has no calories and does not promote canine obesity. It is flavoured to be more attractive to the dog and, if swallowed, turns into a harmless gelatinous mass.

Ferplast’s 100% snack range offers totally vegetable dog snacks, enriched with functional ingredients to improve your pet’s health, from intestinal well-being to the reduction of bad breath. Try it to believe!

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