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The lead is an accessory that we usually associate with dogs. However, in recent years the use of the lead has also spread among our feline friends’ pet parents. 

Using the cat lead has its benefits, tied to the relationship with the owner and with nature.

Keeping the cat on a lead

Seeing a cat on a lead walking with his owner still remains a reason of surprise. After all, cats are independent animals and wild spirits. For this reason, the cat lead not only looks odd but also raises questions about the kitten’s well-being. However, keeping a cat on a lead is not a synonym of suffering for the animal. Like all new things, it takes a while before the cat starts to get used to it and it will be difficult to create a new habit, especially at the beginning. On the other hand, once the cat becomes familiar with the new accessory, it will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the cat lead can provide. 

The benefits of the cat lead

The use of cat leads has become more popular in recent years. While certainly not all cats have a desire to be walked on a lead, they should at least have the opportunity to give it a try. Despite the fact that many people see this as a restriction of freedom, taking your cat on a lead has its positive aspects. Let’s see which ones.

  1. More safety

    Not all cats are confident. Giving them the opportunity to explore their surroundings under the supervision of their owner is a way of gaining confidence and adding a variation to their daily routine. Thanks to the use of a lead, even domestic cats, who are used to spending time at home, will be able to take their first steps in a new environment and become familiar with it. Giving them the chance to explore the space around them in safety is an opportunity not to be missed!

  2. More harmony

    Walking your cat on a lead strengthens the relationship between you and your pet, creating harmony and complicity. Over time, the cat will learn to trust you and you will become a point of reference during walks.

  3. More fun

    Walking the cat allows the animal to experience new sensations, smell new things, touch different surfaces and to scratch his nails on the bark of trees. The choice of a long lead allows the cat to move around freely and in autonomy.

How to choose the cat lead?

Between a harness and a collar, it is better to choose a harness with a lead. If the cat were to pull, with the use of the collar the animal could accidentally get injured. The harness has to be of the right size, neither too tight nor too loose. To calculate the right size, you need to consider the circumference of the chest. Among Ferplast’s harnesses, Jogging has been specifically designed for cats and small animals. It is equipped with a snap clip and a Velcro clip closure. It is suggested to be paired with an elastic lead.

Alternatively, there are nylon harnesses with adjustable straps to suit both smaller and adult cats, such as Easy, Champion and Nikita. These models can be chosen in combination with the Club fixed lead or the Flippy One extendable lead, in its mini version.

The use of a cat lead is becoming increasingly popular. The important thing is to choose the right accessories so that your cat can enjoy an experience in nature in the company of the pet parent.

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