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Spring marks a new beginning for dogs and their pet parents, who finally go back to long walks in the open air. This is the reason why you need the right accessories to ensure safety and freedom of movement to your furry friends, especially when walking several dogs at once. Walking with more than one dog together means having more attention.

Walking with dogs

Before walking several dogs at the same time, it is important that each one of them has been trained to behave properly on a lead, so that they do not annoy each other or bother passers-by. Educating them one at a time is easier than teaching them together. Each dog has its own temperament, which is why you should get to know them properly before embarking on a walk for three. Choosing a lead is crucial and it also depends on the setting for the walk. Cani a spasso in tre

Walking dogs in the city

When choosing the best accessories for walking the dogs, their size must first be taken into account. If small dogs are to be walked around the city, you can keep one dog on the lead and the other in the dog bag and alternate. The With Me bag by Ferplast, for example, is ideal for taking your furry friend with you at all times. As well as being comfortable and spacious, it boasts a fashionable Made in Italy design with a variety of colors: taupe, black and fuchsia. It is equipped with sturdy handles and the body of the bag is waterproof. 

However, dogs that prefer walking can opt for the leather leads from the Evolution line. All products that make up this range are made of polyester, with a soft PVC cover which provides durability, elasticity and an easy cleaning. The collar is easy to wear, safe and reliable thanks to the innovative automatic buckle with a magnetic mechanism. Ferplast’s Evolution line is available in 5 different glamorous colors to mix with your look: dove grey, black, violet, green and orange. 

Walking dogs in the park

If we take our dogs for walks in the park, we can choose other types of accessories. These include the technical, breathable Nikita and Kaori harnesses with reflective inserts for when the sun goes down. Kaori is particularly suitable for trekking, jogging, but also for daily walks. It is a comfortable and practical accessory, just like the Sport Dog Matic lead that goes with it. The automatic carabiner with magnetic mechanism hooks and releases easily and the ergonomic handle ensures a firm and secure grip.

Alternatively, if you want to walk two dogs at the same time, you can attach double ends to the lead, such as Ferplast’s Twin. Each strip is independently adjustable with sliding buckles to suit the size of the dog.

Choosing the right lead is essential for walking several dogs. When in town, you can opt for safe and fashionable accessories, while in the park, a technical harness and a sporty lead can give your dog maximum freedom. 

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