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Do you have a particularly selective food cat? Cats are picky animals and don’t always eat everything they find in their bowl, but are we really sure it’s just a whim?

Picky cat? He hates bitter!

Research conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia has shown that cats have particularly developed bitter taste receptors, this ability would allow them to recognize potentially toxic foods, which usually have a bitter taste, from those that are edible. Many poisonous plants have a sour taste, so as soon as the cat approaches one of them, its receptors will activate, consequently he will understand that he will have to stay away. In short, sometimes their rejection is simply a form of self-defense.

Picky cat? Vary your cat’s diet!

It is equally true that excessive food selection in the cat could be induced by its owner and could depend on his habits from the first months of life. A cat fed since childhood with different foods and accustomed to savoring different tastes, will be more likely to accept a new type of food without giving particular problems. A cat who always eats the same croquettes will be more reluctant in front of a proposal for change.

If you decide to change your cat’s food, do it gradually, mixing a little of the new with the old, gradually increasing the quantity until it is completely replaced.

Selective cat: remedies

Varying the cat’s diet from time to time is important to prevent it from becoming too demanding, in addition to this good habit you can:

To entice the cat to eat it would be ideal that the food in the bowl was always fresh: before tucking the bowl in, it is good that the cat finishes all the food in it, otherwise if the food remain in the open air they become old and less appetizing. Of course, it is essential to keep the bowls of food and water clean, taking care of them at least once a day.

The bowl should not move while the cat is eating, otherwise it could get annoyed and give up the meal: better therefore to have one with a bottom with non-slip rubber caps such as the bowls of Ferplast Glam, Magnus, Jolie and the Lindo tray.

Some older cats eat little because of age but also because the bowl is positioned in an uncomfortable area or requires that they adopt an uncomfortable posture: in this case choose a raised bowl such as the Maki bowl holder, you will see how they will go back to eating.

It may happen that the cat refuses the food you give him, because elsewhere someone else is giving him extra tidbits… It is said that the neighbor’s grass is always greener! In this case, thank the neighbor but also ask him not to refresh the cunning of your kitty anymore!

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