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Not all hamsters are the same. Some are friendly little critters, whilst others are rebellious or shy. Some love company yet others are more solitary… each and every hamster has his own well-defined personality. Are you trying to figure out which breed of hamster is the most sociable? We can help you!

A hamster can be a fun and entertaining play companion if you get him used to human contact from a young age. All of the different species share that same funny look and sprightly eyes that change in colour to match with their coat and especially their temperament. Hence why deciding to get a hamster is not a choice to be taken lightly.

Some hamsters are more predisposed to “family life”. The most sociable and extroverted with humans are the Campbell’s Russian, the Winter White and the Golden Hamster.

Golden Hamster: quirks and characteristics

The Golden Hamster is a small and very sociable critter, being quite calm… unless you disturb him whilst sleeping, in which case you will see the devil come out in him! In general, it is easy to establish a good relationship with him, whilst he is particularly good around children. He loves walking on his master’s belly… and sometimes falls asleep right there!

Winter White Hamster: quirks and characteristics

The Winter White Hamster, also known as the Siberian Hamster, truly is a good-natured species, able to live peacefully with other hamsters, provided they are of the opposite sex. He enjoys company, even if he spends most of the day asleep. Winter Whites are super cuddly and can be caressed with ease.

Russian Hamster: quirks and characteristics

The Campbell’s Russian Hamster is a very active and playful rodent. Despite, or perhaps because of his strong personality, he is easy to get along with him. He loves to explore and goes crazy on running wheels and careening along the tubes in his cage, yet also adores being caressed by his master.

One thing is certain, if a hamster gets used to human contact from a young age, we are more likely to end up with a sociable adult!

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