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We have been to see our trusty groomer, Luca Bevilacqua, at the Silver Dog grooming centre in Cornedo Vicentino and, as this is the holiday season, we have taken the opportunity to ask him for some advice, like which brush to pack in our suitcase for Fido! If you really don’t know where to start, this mini video will give you a good idea of what to do. We hope you enjoy it!

If we intend taking our dog on holiday with us, whether to the sea or the mountains, travelling by car or by camping van, there are a few things that he really needs: one of these is a brush, in order to keep his fur clean and shiny at all times.



We often have a lack of space in our suitcase, so we need to pack just a few functional things. If we have to choose a single brush, Luca suggests that we opt for a rubber glove, which has the advantage of being comfortable, practical and universal, or rather it is useful for all the dogs with short or medium hair.


Ferplast’s rubber glove is useful for quickly eliminating dead hair and any dirt that has accumulated: just put your hand into it and move it delicately over your pet’s fur. With just a few simple movements, removing dust or sand from your furry friend’s coat – if he has spent the day at the beach with you – is child’s play!


Thanks to its soft little rubber teeth, this glove is perfect for giving your pet a nice, revitalising massage. Rest assured that he will really love being pampered!


Many thanks to Luca for this suggestion. We are now ready to pack our suitcase!

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