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In recent months, more than ever before, we have seen cats and dogs appearing in important magazines alongside beautiful models, telling us about the 2015/2016 autumn-winter fashion trends. However, in other cases they appear for a good cause: homeless animals are transformed into fashion models from glossy magazines for fun, to help them find a family.

The message is very clear: homeless dogs living in dog pounds can be just as beautiful as a purebred puppy. This is what the Polish non-profit organization PO PSU TA MODA has tried to say, demonstrating it through a photographic project. The covers of famous magazines and pictures of famous models have therefore been reinterpreted by our furry friends.

A comparison to make us smile and realize how adorable all dogs are, not just those with a pedigree. Even the less fortunate pooches can take their turn at starring in these prestigious snapshots. It is a playful advertising campaign that hopes to raise public awareness with regard to the issue of dogs without a family, in a creative way.

This is the unique way in which the association has decided to stir our consciences and encourage people to adopt strays and dogs living in dog pounds – not just by using original photos, but also through a witty slogan that says “Judge us by our covers”. Therefore, there is no lack of respect for the animals, or for the famous models, but just a positive message for people thinking of adopting a puppy.

In short, everyone is beautiful in their own way!

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