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The Rottweiler is a breed with a very bad reputation, they are considered bad and nasty, that is until you get to know one of them. While it’s true that Rottweilers can strike fear into those who allow their size and direct gaze to unsettle them, it’s also true that those who own one know that they don’t deserve their bad reputation.


Considering their powerful build and strong character, it’s very important that we chose just the right Rott, one that comes from a reliable breeder. We won’t claim that it’s the right dog for everyone, its innate characteristics make it somewhat harder to handle than just any puppy. When things do go wrong, it is usually because there was no character selection of any sort and perhaps because the dog had not been properly socialised.

It’s very important not just to carefully select the Rottweiler you’ll take home with you, but also to get him used to being with other dogs and people of all ages from puppyhood onwards. In a nutshell, if a Chihuahua is bad tempered and nips no one suffers any real consequences. But if a Rottweiler does the same, well, that’s a whole other story. If he’s well socialised, the Rottweiler is a marvellous adult dog and won’t cause any harm whatsoever to outsiders… as long as he’s with his owner!

Rottweiler dog with Ferplast Trench Black model raincoat


A Rottweiler will not usually let himself be petted by unknown passersby, but that’s because he’s not that kind of dog. Their ancestors were chosen to protect herds, they then became famous as the dog of butchers and, in the 1900s, used as a military dog because of their great ability as a watch dog guarding over the terrain, protecting the family. They are very affectionate, loyal and faithful to those they grew up with, to their family, and are great playmates. When the family is out, however, their task is to guard over the house and they do so very efficiently. So it’s not strange if they are mistrustful of those they doesn’t know! That’s their job.

But our big canine is not just an efficient watchdog and faithful companion. The right breeding has brought about some wonderful results, dogs with very well-balanced characters. Intelligent, receptive and obedient, the Rottweiler is a truly versatile pet and owning one can really be very satisfying: a perfect guard dog, defence dog and work dog. Imagine, aside from being used to find and save people, Rottweilers are also used in pet therapy sessions… quite a surprise, eh?

Rottweiler dog lying on Ferplast Dreamwood model dog bed


Those who choose a Rottweiler as companion know it’s wrong to leave him out of doors alone all the time to watch over the house. He is an outdoor animal and doesn’t ask for much, he adjusts well to the changing seasons (with the proper considerations) and any environment (even life in an apartment, as long as he’s is taken out for walks every day), and can live in the garden without any problem. Still, he suffers from loneliness and lack of attention. His strong sense of territoriality, if he’s left on his own for too much time, grows stronger, upsets him and can lead to his becoming overly defensive.

Like all dogs, the Rottweiler needs an owner that loves and respects him. Although he has a powerful nature and can strike fear into the hearts of many, he can be very affectionate and his place is, without doubt, alongside his owners. Peaceful and tranquil, he’s not immune to the comforts of home and can spend – if allowed – hours on end snoring peacefully indoors, happy to be pet and feel like he belongs to the family.

Female Rottweiler dog lying peacefully upon a sofa


The choice is an important one, as the sexual dimorphism of this breed is very evident. Adult females weigh around 42 kg and are therefore less massive and intimidating than their 50 kg male counterparts. This difference also makes the male a more complicated and time-absorbing pet to handle on a daily basis, starting with walks. Their characters are also different. The females are sweeter, more peaceful and patient with children and other pets, which is why they are recommended for first-time Rottweiler owners. Males are far more independent and dominating. They need an owner who is steady and direct, who knows how to educate him efficiently and act as the leader of the pack.

Did we say children? Well, yes we did. A well-selected Rottweiler is sweet, affectionate and protective of children and other animals, including cats. The important thing is to teach him about cohabitation in a responsible manner, supervising the moments of contact and not ignoring the dog when a new pet is introduced to the house, setting off pointless jealousy.

 Rottweiler dog inside Ferplast Dogvilla model plastic kennel

Rottweilers are basically big adorable puppies that need to be understood and loved by their family, just like any other four-legged friend. They are reliable, sweet and generous friends who will repay you with unlimited amounts of love and affection. 

Lovely Rottweiler dog resting on the grass

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