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Air pump yes, air pump no? Anyone who has an aquarium and will already have tackled the question, while those who are about to buy one will find themselves faced with this dilemma. There are different variables to consider: these depend on the type of aquarium and the type of fish that populate it… In this article, we will try to provide you some additional information on how to handle the aquarium.

What is an air pump used for?

The air pump is a sort of pump to be inserted on the outside of the aquarium on specific occasions and it generates a stream of air bubbles through a tube, causing the water to move towards the surface, thus avoiding the formation of stagnant zones and facilitating gaseous exchange with the air. These gases are oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

When do you use an air pump?

The air pump should be used in the following specific cases:

1. After carrying out special treatments on the aquarium, which might have affected the bacterial flora (essential for keeping the environment healthy and habitable and without which the fish would not survive). Introducing more oxygen into the water thus encourages the bacteria to proliferate and they will start populating the area again.

2. In the first month of maturation of the aquarium, even if it contains real plants, because plants take some time to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to generate the necessary bacteria.

3. When you have an aquarium without plants or with artificial plants, because the amount of oxygen circulating is much smaller.

4. When plants grow slowly and there are numerous fish living inside the aquarium, as they consume a great deal of oxygen.

5. In summer, when it is very hot, or if the fish species require cold water: the higher the temperature, the lower the capacity to absorb oxygen and vice versa.

6. If one of the fish is sick or has particular symptoms, like apathy for example, or gasping, sluggishness or a lack of responsiveness, then activating the air pump is useful, as it increases the amount of oxygen and thus gives a helping hand to the fish.

7. Many people buy an air pump in order to improve the appearance of their aquarium: the bubbles that rise and fall provide a sense of movement and are very striking!

The best air pump models

There are different types of air pumps on the market and we advise you to purchase a silent one, so that it does not bother you when it is functioning. As well as having this feature, Ferplast’s Airfizz model also has one or two separate outlet nozzles, with an adjustable flow. It is designed to be attached to the wall and fastened thanks to a special hole; it can be placed in various positions, above or below the water level. The little tube is connected to the porous stone, with the aim of promoting the emission of more air and producing more bubbles.

Our advice to you is that an air pump is always useful when you are a beginner and, in general, it is always best to have one, to use in situations of emergency.

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