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How many times have you had to give up on bringing a cat home because of its hair? A cat’s coat needs care and it is essential to brush it frequently in order to avoid too much shedding around the house, leaving hairballs everywhere. However, some cat breeds tend to shed less than others and they therefore require less attention in this respect.


The famous “naked cat” is the king of hairless cats. Much-loved by the Pharaohs and by the Egyptians, the Sphynx cat is still greatly admired today. It has a slim, sinuous body, covered in an almost invisible down, making it the ideal pet for anyone who doesn’t want to find cute little traces of their four-legged friend on the cushions. However, the fact that their skin needs special attention should not be underestimated.


Don’t be fooled by the Siberian cat’s long, thick coat. Despite his appearance this cat doesn’t shed at all. His coat is naturally very oily and, for this reason, it doesn’t fall out easily. The simplest explanation is that in Russia, the country of origin of this cat breed, the temperatures are very cold and therefore, Siberian cats have developed this type of fur naturally, to protect themselves from the cold. They are also the most suitable cats for people who suffer from allergies and who wish to have affectionate friends in their home.


The Tonkinese cat is a very successful crossbreed of the Burman cat and the Siamese cat. These cats are famous for their intelligence (in fact, thanks to their excellent memory, they are particularly easy to train) and for the fact that they are very clean: it isn’t necessary to brush them frequently, as they shed very little.


The Cornish Rex cat has truly unusual fur: it is short, curly and particularly thick, almost like that of a poodle! To prevent it from getting tangled, it is advisable to brush his coat frequently, but despite this, the Cornish Rex doesn’t shed or leave hair around the house, because it is very close to the skin. A piece of advice? This is a hyperactive cat that needs to play as much as possible!


The Siamese cat is short-haired and has no distinguishing marks, except for its wonderful colour. This cat only sheds during the moulting period and shedding is therefore linked to the season. Siamese cats are polite by nature: they are very obedient and respect the rules, so if we forbid them from jumping onto the sofa or onto the bed they will not do it. Therefore, you will only find this cat’s hair in certain specific areas.

Now that you know about cat breeds that don’t shed, have you changed your mind?

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