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There is a really cute and curious little animal that is entering the hearts and homes of many… we are talking about the ferret! If you too want to be fascinated by this furry little creature, you can decide to welcome him into your home, but pay attention to his many needs and requirements. Here are the things you need to know before adopting a ferret!

The appearance and character of the ferret

The ferret belongs to the Mustelidae family and is a predatory and carnivorous mammal, which is why it has very sharp teeth that can cause rather painful bites… after all it is in his DNA to defend himself against external threats by using this “powerful weapon”.

The ferret has a long body and very short legs; his spinal column is so flexible that it allows him to turn 180 ° inside a tunnel. They can live from 5 to 8 years.

From the point of view of their character, they are very curious and crafty animals and once you have gained their trust, they become sociable, playful and hyperactive companions, sometimes even mischievous, but this usually happens when they feel neglected. In fact, although we expect a more emancipated attitude from them, they need a great deal of attention and stimulation because they hate routine and are terrified of getting bored.

Feeding and living habits of the ferret

Ferrets are carnivores, in nature they feed on mice and birds, so their diet when they live at home must be rich in protein. They can be given specially designed dry food made from food of animal origin and occasionally a piece of cooked meat or hard-boiled egg. The important thing is that they eat little and often.

Although the ferret is full of vitality, he is basically a nocturnal animal and loves to sleep. This is the moment in which he recovers all of his energy. He should not be kept too many hours in a cage, otherwise he risks becoming apathetic and lazy. However, to treat him to a nice gift, you absolutely must get him a hammock: they really love sleeping while suspended!

If you have a ferret in your home, the cage is indispensable however, and it is a good idea to look for a very large and spacious one, where you can keep him in rare moments or during the night, even if the best solution is to leave him free to come and go. The ideal type of cage has several levels and is equipped with everything you need, such as the toilet, food bowls, various little toys and tubes and don’t forget the hammock. Ferplast’s Furet Tower is a good investment that will make the ferret happy!

Curious facts about the ferret

Unfortunately, ferrets do not smell good, as they have very thick skin, rich in sebaceous glands, the secretion of which causes the intense smell that these animals naturally have. Nevertheless, they are careful about their cleanliness and should be washed once a month (not more!) and brushed, it is also advisable to shorten their claws. Sterilization is essential to reduce the strong musky odour, to moderate the aggressiveness of the male and prevent some diseases in the female, such as strong anaemia.

There are so many ferrets that need to be loved, so try to always choose adoption over purchase. There are several volunteer associations taking care of finding a home and a family for thee little animals. Contact them if you are interested in spending your life with a ferret!

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