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Ferplast cani frutta fragola
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Is your dog fond of fruit, especially during these summer days? Fruit in your four-legged friend’s diet can help to incorporate new foods into his diet and keep him strong and healthy.

Nevertheless, not all types of fruit are digestible and healthy for dogs. In this article you will find all the information you need to be able to choose the best fruit for your dog, risk-free!

Fruit in your dog’s diet

It is a common belief that dogs are animals that can eat anything. Nothing could be more wrong! In fact, some foods can even be extremely harmful to your pet, which is why it is essential to inform yourself about what foods you should and should not give your dog.

Fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrition and can be a great snack for your pet. You can, for example, take it with you to the beach with a handy container such as a Pet Ristò by Ferplast. 

Be careful though! Not all fruit that we eat on a daily basis can be ingested by your dog! On the contrary, some types of fruit can be very harmful to your four-legged friend’s organism.

Ferplast cani ciotola da viaggio Pet Risto

What fruit can the dog eat?

During the summer period your dog’s diet should tend to be lighter than during the other months of the year and as rich in water as possible. For these reasons, certain types of fruit are excellent for your dog, as he is able to supplement important fluids for his body through his diet.

Among the fruits to be favoured in your dog’s diet are the two summer fruits par excellence, melon and watermelon. They contain important fibres and vitamins and a large amount of water, which helps your furry dog to stay hydrated. 

However, always remember to remove the peel and seeds, which if ingested can clog your pet’s intestinal tract and create intoxication.

Peaches and apricots are also typical summer fruits and rich in antioxidants, which are important for your dog’s health. However, it is extremely important to take care when removing the stone, which contains amygdalin, a substance that is harmful to the dog and can even be lethal. 

Perhaps not everyone knows that strawberries and berries in general are also great allies for your pet’s health! These fruits are ideal for dogs because they are good for the skin and bones and have diuretic and digestive properties.

Fruits that should be given to your dog in moderation include coconut, pineapple, kiwi and bananas. 

Ferplast cani frutta anguria

What fruit can’t the dog eat?

There are certain types of fruit, however, that can pose a danger to your dog’s health, in particular: avocados, dried fruits, grapes and sultanas and citrus fruits in general.

The skin, leaves and kernel of the avocado contain a toxic substance for your pet, persin, which can cause serious intestinal problems. Citrus fruits, on the other hand, should be avoided because they are very sugary and could cause weight gain in your dog and other consequent health problems. Grapes and sultanas, on the other hand, should be avoided because they may cause kidney and liver damage. 

Fruit is therefore an excellent food to include in your dog’s diet, especially during the summer months. Be careful, however, not to exaggerate with the quantities and to choose the right one for your pet’s health and well-being. 

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