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The arrival of summer heat can be a big issue for your feline friend. Cats are animals that poorly tolerate the high temperatures of these months and could suffer from quite severe disorders such as dehydration and heatstroke.

For these reasons, it’s essential to learn a few simple strategies to try and regulate and stabilize your cat’s body temperature and cool it down as much as possible. Read Ferplast’s tips for cooling your cat in summer!

Why cool down your cat in summer?

Cats are animals that naturally love to bask in the sunlight. Despite this, high temperatures can pose a great threat to these pets, leading to severe consequences.

Cats do not have a sweating system similar to that of humans, but they regulate their body temperature through their paw pads and breathing, keeping their mouths open to perspire through the tongue.

Like us, cats that tend to suffer most from the summer heat are elderly or overweight cats, and all those long-haired breeds, such as Norwegian, Persian, Maine Coon, and so on. The thick fur that covers them, in fact, does not help the animal dissipate heat, as it happens more easily for other breeds.


How to cool down your cat in summer

If temperatures get high and you notice that your cat starts to suffer from the heat, you can adopt these small tips to cool down your pet and give it some relief, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

Fresh and clean water

To cool down your cat in summer, always provide it with fresh and clean water, changing it at least twice a day. In this way, you will ensure the right hydration for your feline.

Cats are lovers of running water. As a good alternative, you could provide a specific water fountain, like Vega Sanitized by Ferplast. The spring effect will guarantee always fresh and moving water, stimulating the cat to hydrate and reducing bacteria.

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Cool and quiet places

Another tip to keep in mind when you want to cool down your cat in summer is to create cool and quiet corners for it at home. Position the bed so that your cat is not directly hit by sunlight and perhaps provide it with cooling mats.

If you decide to activate an air conditioning system, it can be a relief for the cat, but always check that the air stream does not hit your pet directly.


It’s very important that the cat’s coat is not shaved too much. In the summer months, their coat helps the animal protect itself from the sun and heat. However, be consistent in brushing it! Excessive hair tends to retain heat. You can rely, for example, on the Ferplast GRO 5924 brush, perfect for detangling and shining your feline’s fur.

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Cool down your cat’s paws

If you notice that your cat is suffering a lot from the heat, you can cool it down by wetting its paws and particularly the pads. As mentioned above, cats regulate their body temperature through their paws. If these get damp, the cat may find relief and recover. Also, wetting the head and back area can give it relief and in doing so, you will help it regain the right temperature.

Don’t forget these precious tips for cooling your cat in summer and battling the heat of these months!

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