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Ferplast coniglio pettorina Jogging passeggiata
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Taking your pet rabbit for a walk in the park? If you live in a flat and have a charming and friendly pet, it will be significantly beneficial for their health to enjoy outdoor strolls. However, rabbits, as we know, can be quite crafty and may dash off to explore, never looking back.

Here are some helpful tips for your rabbit walks, ensuring their comfort without the necessity of a mad dash to keep them in sight!

The Importance of Rabbit Walks

If you don’t have the luxury of a lovely garden where your rabbit can spend their time enjoying the fresh air, it is crucial for their health to take them out for little walks, perhaps in a city park, to bask in the sun and a bit of healthy freedom!

Indeed, it’s been observed that rabbits living in flats or mostly indoors tend to be deficient in vitamin D, potentially leading to subsequent bone and teeth issues. This is why, when the weather permits, it is always recommended to take your rabbit for a walk. However, be mindful of some precautions and useful advice!

Ferplast coniglio pettorina Jogging passeggiata

Rabbit Walks: Sun and Heat

The sun is certainly your rabbit’s best friend during a walk, helping them naturally synthesise the necessary vitamin D without needing any supplements. Beware of the heat, though! Rabbits don’t sweat but have a thermoregulation system to manage body temperature. Consequently, they are highly susceptible to dangerous heat strokes.

When you decide to go for a rabbit walk, ensure that they are always well hydrated. You can carry a small drinker like those from Ferplast’s Sippy or Drinky lines to have a bit of fresh water on hand.

Moreover, make sure the chosen location for your rabbit walk has shaded areas and isn’t too exposed to the sun. Avoid the hottest times of the day and particularly stifling weather.

The Harness for Rabbit Walks

If you decide to take your rabbit for a park walk, the best option will be to trust in the safety of a fitting harness. This way, you can stay by their side at all times and monitor them.

Your rabbit might outright refuse to wear a harness. This is entirely normal behaviour, don’t force it! Instead, try to acclimatise your rabbit at home or in a calm place before venturing on a walk, allowing them to get comfortable.

Ferplast has created the perfect harness for your rabbit walk! The Jogging harness is made of stretchable nylon and is equipped with snap clip closures and Velcro tear-off straps. This ensures it adapts effortlessly to your pet’s body and distributes the traction force over several parts. It’s also convenient due to the matching elastic leash, allowing you to follow your rabbit wherever they go.

Ferplast coniglio passeggiata pettorina Jogging

Rabbit Walks: Parasites and Diseases

Being outdoors will be a boon for your rabbit, but green-filled areas can hide some unpleasant surprises. Blood-feeding insects like mosquitoes, ticks, or other parasites can transmit some dangerous conditions to your rabbit, such as myxomatosis and RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease). To prevent these, it’s always strongly advised to vaccinate your pet against these diseases, ensuring more peaceful outdoor walks with your rabbit. Against parasites, it’s recommended to always thoroughly check your rabbit after your outings and rely on an antiparasitic treatment.

Enjoy a lovely outdoor stroll with your rabbit and follow these tips for a serene and risk-free outing!

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