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Every now and then, fleeing from the city to breathe a handful of good, fresh air and to spend some time immersed in green, perhaps going for a nice walk, is a great remedy for health ailments of both humans and dogs. We all know our furry friends can’t wait to frolic on the grass and in the woods with their pet humans. Just like you would do with your child, we also need to be prepared when we spend the day away with our dogs, taking with us indispensable items to use during the day. But what items?

Never underestimate the needs of our animal friends, in particular when going away for long treks in the countryside. If you’re going to the mountains, you must take into consideration the physical conditions of your dog. Only take him if he’s in excellent health and has no respiratory problems.

It’s crucial to make sure our furry friends have fresh water available whenever they want, but finding a reliable source of fresh water in the mountains is not always easy, so be prepared! Pack a water canteen designed for dogs, such as Ferplast’s PA 5508 very practical and easy to use: simply hold it up and squeeze lightly until water flows into its built-in bowl.

If your loyal friend is small and gets tired easily, you may find it useful to carry a rucksack in your trip. Such as Ferplast’s Trip: it comes complete with sturdy adjustable belts and is made of comfortable cotton. If your dog friend is too large to carry, you can try giving her a practical backpack for dogs, such as Dog Scout, with pockets where you can keep her own trekking accessories, as long as they’re not too heavy!

During your walk, you may be caught unawares by rain showers, and failing to protect your dog from wind and rain is not an option. A waterproof cape you can carry with you at all times, such as Ferplast’s Sailor, is perfect to protect your dog from bad weather.

Your friend’s paws should also be protected, in particular if they’re very delicate or when you’re trekking on particularly insidious terrains, with sharp rocks or thorny plants. Ferplast’s trekking shoes for dogs are just that: little polyester shoes with thick anti-slip rubber soles, perfect for a safe walk in the mountains.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to carry a first-aid kit with you at all times, such as Ferplast’s kit, which has everything you need to take care of your friend in case of an emergency: gauze, Band-Aids, scissors, alcohol-free wipes, and pincers to remove ticks. All organised inside a pouch, ready to be used whenever the occasion arises.

With all these precautions, our trek will be a relaxing occasion. All you have to worry about is whether you’re having enough fun and creating a beautiful memory in the company of your dog.


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