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Have you ever thought about creating a matching outfit for couples? No, we’re not talking about you and your fiancé walking around wearing the same clothes. Our intention is to show you an outfit you can wear to match that of your dog’s, perhaps having him wear a fashionable T-shirt.

But picking a garment for our furry friends can sometimes be more than just a whimsical choice: it can help protect the health of your dog’s skin.

When summer comes, and with it intense heat, the first thing we feel like doing to a long-furred dog is to shave him, to make sure he doesn’t overheat. But we must be careful, because our friend’s exposed skin can get sunburnt.

Similarly, dogs with little fur, or very short and thin fur, are particularly vulnerable, especially in those patches of skin regularly exposed to the sun, such as the ears and nose, the skin around the eyes, and, most of all, the back. The skin of the belly, often devoid of fur or with very little of it, risks getting sunburnt easily.

Dogs with white, little, or short fur are the most vulnerable ones, as their skin is very sensitive to light.

To protect our friends from sunburns, we must make sure there’s always a shady area available for them to rest, especially in the hours around noon, when the sun is high. If they’re particularly sensitive, we must remember to put some waterproof sunscreen on them, with a SPF of at least 30, and to have them wear a light T-shirt for dogs, an additional layer of protection for their skin.

This is where having your dog wear a fashionable garment comes fun. With Ferplast’s wide range of prints and colours available in its Bau Bau Moda line, you can match your look to that of your friend.

The women’s trend for spring-summer 2015 suggests matching flat shoes even to more formal, elegant looks, perfect matches for a T-shirt with a fun print for our dog.

No more excuses: going out with your furry friend will be even more pleasant with your matching looks, and all the while protecting him from the sun.

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