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Sooner or later, for all parents arrives the moment when their kid requests a dog. What is the right thing to say and do? Before you satisfy the child’s wishes, it is good to ask yourself if the family is ready to expand and host a new member!

At a certain age it is normal for the little ones of the house to begin with a “Mom, Dad … May I have a dog?” Most kids fantasize about how great it would be to have a pet as a playmate and adventure partner. And this is sweet and cool.

My kid wants a dog: whim or real desire?

Most likely a child who wants an animal may have been influenced by a friend with a dog or by some cartoon seen on TV. Before granting the child’s wish, it is essential to talk to him and help him build an interest in four legs, so that he can really understand if this is a whim or a real will!

It is useful for both adults and children to have a “dog culture” that allows them to face the experience in the best possible way. Those who never had a dog can build a first experience by reading a book about the behavior of these animals or by visiting a breeding house. If possible, one can also volunteer in an animal shelter and observe friends with dogs. This will help the child realize that adopting a pet involves responsibility and commitment.

What to do when faced with the question “May I have a dog”? One should never give an absolute and quick answer but weigh the pros and cons and put the children in front of the consequences of their requests. Especially if they have reached a preschool age, where it is time for them to take the first responsibilities.

Adopting a dog: the benefits for children

Growing up with a pet can have a very positive effects for children.

A puppy to care for and play with is an important growth opportunity. The bond that is established between the two often becomes so strong to be symbiotic. Not only that, living with a dog helps children become more independent and develop new psychomotor skills. The animal teaches the child altruism and a sense of responsibility, becoming an important member of the family.

Adopting a dog: the consequences

Is there a right time to get a dog? It is advisable to wait until the child is at least five years old, because at this age he can interact in a positive way and can begin, with the help of his parents, to take care of the dog.

Before taking the big step, we must also think about the consequences. The dog is not a toy that you can put in the basket as soon as you get tired of it, but it is a living being with its own character and a multitude of needs and requirements. The dog needs to be fed, washed, his bowls of croquettes must be filled and he needs to be taken to walk. This takes a lot of effort and time. Do you have enough? Are you willing to sacrifice your time for him? Yes or no, the answer is simple and from this you can also make your choice!

For a child, an animal can be a source of joy, an always cheerful playmate. Having a puppy is the dream of many but it is also a responsibility. When kids want a dog, parents need to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of this choice!

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