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In summer, walks in the mountains are a treat for both dog and owner. Happy, our ambassador loves going to the mountains with Giorgia, her human mum.

Going to the mountains with your dog is a wonderful experience. It’s Giorgia who tells us that it was thanks to Happy that she discovered the beauty of Trentino (Italy) in September 2018. Now they both can’t live without mountains.

Why did you choose to go to the mountains with your dog?

We asked Giorgia where the idea of taking Happy to the mountains came from and she replied: “We were looking for a pet friendly destination, we trusted Google and we ended up in Val di Fiemme and then in Val di Fassa, where dogs are welcome on the chairlift and cable car, in the alpine huts, refuges and hotels“.

The cool climate helps the dog not to suffer from the torrid summer temperatures and the uncontaminated green spaces are an opportunity to run and play freely. Before untying Happy, however, Giorgia always makes sure that she does not hurt others. In high season, the paths are very busy and it is easy to meet other dogs and people.Happy in montagna in mezzo alla natura con pettorina Ferplast

What should you put in your backpack when going to the mountains with your dog in summer?

Giorgia always carries everything she needs to ensure Happy’s well-being and safety:

  • leash
  • harness
  • muzzle, which is often required at ski lifts
  • travel water bottle
  • protective cream, to maintain the elasticity of the fingertips and protect the paws from the heat
  • natural pest control spray to protect your dog from insects
  • pouches
  • wipes
  • health booklet
  • waterproof cloth (the weather changes quickly in the mountains)

After choosing the trail the night before, checking websites and tourist guides for its difficulty, duration and length, we drive to the starting point. We often have to take the chairlift, and in such cases, we take Happy in our arms and she stays still the whole way up. A little treat is a must when we get off“.

In order to guarantee Happy maximum freedom of movement, Giorgia uses a long lead or retractable leash such as Ferplast’s Flippy One with cord, which is compact, light, but very strong and comfortable even for long walks.Happy con guinzaglio Flippy One di Ferplast in montagna

What to look out for in the mountains with your dog?

During her walks with Happy, Giorgia has to be particularly careful about encounters with wild animals, such as hares, roe deer and marmots and electrified cow fences: “Happy has also been shocked. I can assure you that it was not a fun experience. The same applies to barbed wire. The Australian Shepherd is a very fearless dog and to follow a trail or a scent she lets her nose guide her everywhere without taking the dangers into account. Unfortunately, this is something you learn with experience“, she says. This is why Giorgia recommends having a good lead and a good harness such as Ferplast’s Ergocomfort with an innovative hook-and-loop system and lined with a soft inner padding.

What are the benefits of going into the mountains with your dog?

Zero boredom, every day a different path to discover and breathtaking views: “We do a lot of training, walking in the mountains is good for everybody. I try to keep Happy trained all year round so that she’s prepared properly”.

Happy’s latest mountain adventure

Happy and Giorgia recently went to Monte Fumaiolo, at an altitude of 1,400 metres, between Romagna and Tuscany, in search of some fresh air. “We took advantage of the 22/23°C to walk to the top of the mountain and then down to the source of the Tiber, where we had a picnic. Happy didn’t miss a single crumb!”.Happy in mezzo alla natura in montagna d'estate con gli accessori Ferplast

This is how Happy and Giorgia deal with trips outdoor at high altitudes. The mountains are liberating for us and for the dogs. Our four-legged friends feel our serenity and behave accordingly.

To keep up with the couple’s adventures, follow their Instagram profile @felicementehappy.

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