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“Beach life” also appeals to dogs! If you want to spend a quiet and peaceful day at the beach in the company of your four-legged friend, you must get well ready. Giorgia, the adoptive mum of the Australian shepherd Happy, has confirmed that. We asked her to tell us how they both get ready for a trip to the beach.

Hi Giorgia, please make us a detailed list of what you put in Happy’s suitcase!

Happy can never miss in the suitcase:

– a biscuits container
– ta ravel bowls for both water and food
– some chewing bones to entertain in moments of relaxation
– a mat where she can rest it
– a collar or a harness and a leash. I always carry two of each.
– floating toys
– ta owel to dry her
– neutral shampoo
– pesticides spray
– toilet bags
– a protective cream for the paws
– snacks and a snack holders
– a brush (essential!)
– a water bottle with built-in bowl
– a muzzle
– the veterinary passport

Which Ferplast product has proved to be a must-have for a seaside adventure?

The Evolution collar and leash by Ferplast have proved to be prefect allies. When Happy sees the water he always pulls very hard, so the ergonomic handle was a real blessing for my hand. Furthermore, being made of PVC they are waterproof and easily washable, therefore the sand does not get stuck as in those of fabric. The combination of sand and salt water is deadly for the hair: without a brush untangling the knots that form in the dog’s coat becomes impossible. So, I would put a long bristle brush in the list of essential accessories to bring to the sea. Last but not least is the folding bowl to be filled with food and fresh water, practical to put in the bag and easy to wash.

What games do you love playing with her? Can you suggest one in particular, given your long experience?

Surely fetching in water is one of my dog’s favorite activities. Happy loves her little floating toy and would face even the highest waves to be able to retrieve it, and when she gets out of the water she enjoys running on the shore carrying it as if it were her trophy! Happy has also learned to stay on the sup board and on the kayak so we never miss the opportunity to rent it; we come with the board to the open sea and from there we dive into the sea.

Happy is a great swimmer, does she spend many hours in the water? After the bath what precautions do you take to protect her?

We swim for about 20 – 30 minutes but during the day we enter the water several times to refresh.  We like swimming together and every now and then I take her “in my arms”, she relaxes and takes a breath. If the sea offers a nice seabed and I put on a mask, she loves swimming next to me. The problem is that sometimes she chases other people who get scared because they suddenly find her curmudgeon in front of their face … a real specimen of dogfish! I always wash her after a bath. If there are hand showers available at the beach, I rinse her very well to remove both the sand and the salt water, otherwise I dry them with a towel and bathe her at home.  The drying phase is also important: if for example the tail is not well dried, it can become inflamed and the dog can feel very bad. So I advise everyone to always be meticulous!

How does Happy behave when meeting other dogs on the beach? And with people in general?

Happy has become very good at people, initially she was a little nervous, now she approaches in a more mature and relaxed way. She is sociable with everyone, even with other dogs, however I must confess that with females she gets more nervous. When we are at the beach, she becomes the mascot of the resort, between races and photo shoots that I love doing, she is always admired by all tourists!

Which is the most beautiful and funny memory of a beach holiday with Happy?

Certainly one of the most beautiful was when I rented the kayak in Croatia and we had a very long tour along the coast. Happy was sitting in the front of the kayak and controlled sea and everything that happened along the beaches. Then we got on a platform offshore and started to dive together. She was really happy!

Take note and follow Giorgia’s advise when you bring your dog to the sea! Don’t miss Happy’s adventures and follow her on Instagram @felicementehappy

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