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Do you remember what usually happens every year during August? You got it, we too from the Blog team go on vacation for a week! These first months of summer have literally flown by, we need a break to come back with many new, fresh and crazy ideas.

Some of you will go to the sea, someone to the mountains and someone will stay at home, after all you can always find many things to do without having to move, our four-legged friends know it well. After all, the ingredients to spend a peaceful and happy summer holiday are the company of friends, family people and pets, and a nice slice of watermelon eaten all together on the porch … is there anything better?

And even if we are not physically present, on our return we will be happy to find many photos and videos of the places you will visit with your dogs, cats and pets of all types, hopefully while wearing a Ferplast accessory!

Don’t be shy, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (our contact is @ferplast_official) and tag us both in the IG Stories and in the photos, so then we will prepare a nice article with all the best pics, thus thinking about the good moments that summer he gave us.

We just have to wish you happy holidays!

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