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As the autumn arrives, bringing with it the first signs of cold and uncertain weather, rabbits that live in the safety of their hutch in the garden may get wet more frequently, because of the rain. What can you do? Is it dangerous for a rabbit to get wet?

Taking care of a wet rabbit

Does rainwater bother rabbits? Basically, rabbits suffer much more from the heat than from the cold and high temperatures are more dangerous than rain and snow. In the autumn, they can count on the protection of their thick fur, while the only way to shelter themselves in the summer is to stay in the shade or inside the house. This is already one good point in favour of the season that lasts from September to November!

It is always best to prevent your rabbit from getting too wet, as he is a delicate animal and doesn’t even need to be washed by his human keepers for reasons of hygiene (at most, some localised baths could be useful).

Some rabbits find it completely natural to get their coats wet and they aren’t bother by the falling rain… all you need to do is observe their behaviour in order to see if they are feeling any discomfort and if they need you.

If your fluffy friend is unable to find shelter and is suddenly surprised by an unexpected downpour, the first thing to do, when you go to retrieve him or check that he is alright, is to make sure that there is no rainwater in your rabbit’s ear auricles, to avoid otitis. His ears are very delicate and he is not always able to get rid of the droplets of water by shaking his head.

If he is very wet, take him inside the house, cover him up and dry him with a towel for a few minutes: he will feel safe and will not get sick. Using a hairdryer on him is strictly forbidden! You would only you risk frightening him and scalding him by using this noisy tool.

Rabbits in the garden – things you should know

Anyone who has chosen to adopt a rabbit is well aware of the fact that they love living outdoors rather than inside the house; to ensure a rabbit’s safety, a special fence needs to be installed in the garden, along with a closed hutch or a roof to protect him from the bad weather. Nevertheless, even if everything is appropriately installed, the rain may end up drenching him all the same!

If your rabbit perceives his cage as a somewhat unwelcoming place that prevents him from moving, it is unlikely that he will want to consider staying inside it, even if that means being outside in the rain and getting wet. On the contrary, he should see his hutch as a place of shelter and refuge. An ideal model is Ferplast’s Grand Lodge Plus: a very spacious rabbit hutch, perfect for placing in the garden or under a porch with a covered roof that is easy to lift up when the sky is clear.

If your rabbit gets wet in the rain, it’s no tragedy, but do try to avoid him finding himself in this situation, to ensure that he stays healthy.

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