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Cats are very independent animals and often need to be given plenty of space. Cats love to be cuddled, but, as we all know, they also like to be left to their own devices. So leaving the cat at home alone for a few days is nothing to feel guilty about if you do it in the right way.

We all lead busy lives, and it’s not unusual to leave the cat home alone for the entire day, or even a few days in a row. When you do so, make sure they have everything they need so that they are well and happy. We all know that the cat – that curious little creature who loves its solitude – can’t wait for us to leave them alone. You might even say: When the owner’s away, the cat will play!!!


When you have to leave the cat home alone, whether it’s because you’re at work or have decided to have a nice weekend escape, and no one is there to feed it, you don’t have to worry too much. Cats enjoy their time alone, even if it’s a few days in a row. The real problem is how to make sure they are fed and have plenty of water! They need to get the right amount of kibbles, but how do you do that when you’re out of town?


Our saving grace (which is also the cat’s saving grace) are the practical kibbles and water dispensers that make sure the right amounts of food and water are provided.

Ferplast created its Zenith model for food and Nadir for water. Both are made entirely of plastic and come equipped with a transparent tank that lets you see just how much of a supply of each item they have. Zenith and Nadir are suited for small to medium sized pets and can contain up to 3 litres of dry food or water. Once in the tank, they are rationed out into the dish as the pet eats the food or drinks the water.


And to make sure the cat doesn’t suffer from the heat too much, you can even adjust the air conditioner to provide the house with a constant temperature while you are gone.



And before you leave the house, don’t forget to put away things that might fall, break or harm the cat in our absence. The cat becomes an avid explorer while we’re gone and will go stick its nose everywhere to find something to play with. So, to prevent him from leaving a huge mess, let’s make sure he has plenty of things to play with, like cat toys. And remember to clean the litter box before you head out!


Everything is set, you’re ready to go! A pat on the head and scratch under the chin and you can be off to enjoy a weekend out without worrying about kitty, who will also have a relaxing weekend of long naps, discovery tours and hunting expeditions… without us in its way!

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