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The placement of the food bowl is very important to the cat, it’s where he engages in one of his favourite activities: eating! This is why you should spend some time choosing the right place and accoutrements for mealtimes. The wrong placement of a food or water bowl can have some serious consequences. If the dish is in a place the cat does not like, a place with foul odours or that belongs to some other house pet, he could refuse to eat.

So let’s take a look at where, when and how to feed your favourite pet.

  1. WHERE TO SET THE TABLE. The best area for your cat’s dinner table is a nice dry place far from draughts, sources of heat and, above all, strong odours. It’s a good idea to put the dishes on a plastic tray, like Lindo, or on a rubber pad that is easy to rinse off, making the removal of food residue after the feast a simple task. Don’t keep all of your cat’s personal items in one place. The litter box, which is a source of strong odours, should not be anywhere near the food dishes.
  2. MEAL TIMES AND QUANTITY. It’s hard to say how much a cat should eat. Each one has its own needs, and these depend on the breed of cat, its age and health. It is important to remember that cats should be fed small amounts at various times of day. Leaving its dish always full of food so that he can eat whenever he wants is not really the best way to handle this. Some cats stuff themselves with everything you give them and this could lead to weight problems. It’s a good idea to feed the cat room temperature food at the same time, twice a day if possible.
  3. MEALTIME. Cats need to be left in peace and quiet when they eat. Meals are a ritual, out in nature they are the reward after a successful (and often exhausting) hunting expedition. Being a solitary hunter, he is used to eating alone, far from anyone that may distract him.
bowl for cats ferplast


Getting the right bowl for him is the first step to his happiness. Steel bowls are very useful because they are easy to clean: Ferplast’s NOVA bowl has two handy handles for a firm grip and a slip-free base. If you prefer a ceramic bowl, which is just as hygienic and easy to clean, then Ferplast’s Venere or Izar dishes, decorated with kitty whiskers and ears, are ideal. The bowl should not be too big or too small, it should suit the cat, and it should not have sides that are too high. You will need three of them: one for water, one for kibbles and one for wet food.

bowl for cats venere


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