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Getting married? If you want to bring your dog or you want that on the most special day even the four-legged friends of your guests are present, you must hire a Wedding Dog Sitter, that is a dog sitter who will take care of all the dogs and will keep them under control during the party. It was chosen by many influencers and celebrities for their wedding!

Who’s the Wedding Dog Sitter?

The Wedding Dog Sitter is a dog sitter, but a bit more special, because his job is to take care of the furry friends in a delicate moment like the wedding. You know, managing a dog always involves a lot of effort, but doing it in such a situation is anything but easy! He is an experienced person with the qualification of a dog educator, able to take care of the dog in every aspect.

The work of the Wedding Dog Sitter is very demanding and very responsible: he must stay with the dog, working on his emotionality, managing tension and stress, so as to ensure that he is happy and calm all the time. You have to consider that the dog is a very empathetic animal and could feel the anxiety of the bride and groom, so a professional figure is essential to curb his primordial instincts! Not only, the Wedding Dog Sitter will take care of the darling dog for any other need, it will also play and relax with him.

The services of the Wedding Dog Sitter agency

The Wedding Dog Sitter service was born in 2010 from the idea of a young Roman businesswoman, Elisa Guidarelli. In 2015 became a franchise business with branches in Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Liguria.

The professional has a first meeting with the dog at the couple’s home, to become familiar with it and establish a trust relationship with him. Then, when the big day comes, he takes him over and takes care of him throughout the ceremony, remaining until the last guest has left.

Many people choose to have their dog bring their wedding rings, in this case the educator will take care of teaching the details to their furry friend. Among the gems there is the nice and accurate wedding photo shooting taken by a pet photographer that tells the wedding day from the point of view of the dog . . . a little out of the ordinary but it is a precious memory!

The cost depends on the pack chosen, the size of the dog, any travel costs, and is still around 400 €.

Celebrities who have chosen the Wedding Dog Sitter

There are many well-known faces who have chosen to rely on the expertise of a dog sitter for weddings: just a few days ago the beautiful web influencer Paola Turani got married on Garda Lake where the  pages of honor could only be the Newfoundland “Nadine” and the Bernese Bovaro, “Gnomo” both trained by the Wedding Dog Sitter. Last year it was the turn of Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari, with their blonde cocker Whisky!

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