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Few things are more enjoyable than time spent out in the fresh air with your dog, long walks side by side. Some people prefer a nice park, while others more bucolic settings like the open countryside or some hilly trail to cover with their faithful four-legged friend. When preparing for such an outing, you need to make sure you always have certain items with you. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Taking the dog out for a walk out in the fresh air is a pastime that is good for you and the dog too. It is not only a healthy activity, but for the dog it’s also an expedition to explore the world around him. When you leave the house with a child you need to take a survival kit with you. Well, the same holds true for when you leave the house with your dog: you need to take things – precautionary and fun items – that make sure you and the dog have a nice time together.


As you know, dogs need to have a bowl of fresh, clean water available to them at all times. They require a daily intake of from 30 to 40 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. And that’s just a generic average. Obviously, when it’s hot out, when the dog has walked or run long distances, he’s bound to need more, but just to make sure he stays healthy and does not become dehydrated, those are the minimum quantities he needs per day.


And so when you go for a walk, you need to bring a water bottle with you, one like the Ferplast travel bottle , which takes up very little room and is really handy to keep in your purse or backpack. To use it just lift the bottle into a vertical position and then press gently to make the water flow into the basin and make it much easier for your dog to drink. There are, if you prefer, travel bowls made of rubber that can come in very handy even when you just go for a walk, as it is small and takes up practically no space at all. The bowl opens and closes easily, and it can contain up to a litre of water!

parco_canecosa_portare_in_viaggio_con_caneborraccia_ferplast_cane camminare_con_cane dove_mangia_cane

Your basic outing kit should be complete with baggies you can hook onto the lead in the handy and colourful Dudù containers, really handy to clean up after your dog. By doing so, you show your respect towards others, and help keep the area clean and free from any ‘gifts’ from your dog. And this should be the rule not only in the city and park, but also when you’re out in the open countryside.

ciotola_da_viaggio_ferplast ferplast_ciotola_portatile collie_cane_abitudini camminare_con_cane

Walking in areas where there are few other people and animals does not mean you should let your dog run free. It is always a good idea to keep him or her on the lead. In order to facilitate this, you could choose a model designed for sports activities, like the ERGOFLEX line. Ferplast’s Ergoflex leads are made of techno-rubber, a very highly resistant material that can be washed and is, more importantly, very flexible. They are water resistant and ideal for walks anywhere because they don’t get soaked and, therefore, they don’t let dirt ingrain itself as happens with traditional leads. Not only, but even if they get muddy, you can easily and quickly rinse them clean in water.

We’re ready for the next walk. Are you?

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