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VIPs are never away from their cats and dogs: they take them for walks, post their pictures on social networks, some even create Instagram accounts just for their pets, like Paris Hilton did for her Pomeranian, who now has more than 85 thousand followers. VIPs are pet lovers, perhaps because the love offered by a dog or a cat is unconditional, a genuine feeling that may be hard to find otherwise.

Here is Katy Perry with her new cat, Lady Gaga with her French bulldog, Miley Cyrus trying to decide who she loves the most, her new puppy Emu or Bubba Sue the piglet, whose nails have recently been painted red, Cara Delevigne with her rabbit and Heidi Klum with her Pomeranian. Numerous VIPs carry their pets around with them, and furry little heads are frequently spotted peeking out from super expensive bags. Most of them were not made specifically to contain a cat or a dog; they’re designer bags that VIPs carry around without giving too much thought to the comfort of the pet inside. Now there’s a trendy solution to carry your dog: WITH ME. As explained by its name itself, it’s a roomy rubber bag that allows owners to carry their pets with them, at all times. The WINTER version is lined with soft faux fur and cotton. Perfect to take your dog with you, it has adjustable handles so you can carry it as a tote or a messenger bag. Available in three colours: black, fuchsia or sand. It’s also possible to hook the collar or chest harness to the draft included, to transport your pet in absolute safety.






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