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Today we’ll get to know four little friends: Anna, Matteo, Pixel and Spyke.   Anna and Matteo wanted to add two hamsters to their little zoo, and their mum Laura, from whom they have inherited their love for all animals, couldn’t help but say yes. “I wanted to give my children pets because I believe it’s important to educate them to respect animals, from an early age. For the children the hamsters are much more than a plaything; I’ve taught them to take care of them, to pamper them, and in exchange the pets give us much to laugh about”.

At any time of the day, gently holding a hamster becomes a precious moment that sweeps all problems and concerns away and puts you back in a good mood. All thanks to that furry animal that can’t sit still. Pixel is Anna’s hamster, while Spyke belongs to Matteo. They love sunflower seeds, that they carefully crack open before eating their soft cores, and fill their cheeks to bursting, but when they’re angry they spit the seeds around their cage.

Sometimes they fight, which is why Laura chose Ferplast’s cage. In her own words, more than a little house, it’s a veritable apartment building. A colourful and trendy solution that is pleasant to have at home, even in the living room, as it doesn’t clash with the decoration style of the house. Its two floors are full of surprises: tubes through which they can run back and forth, a wheel, their favourite toy, in particular at night, and the outer housing unit that can be attached to the cage through additional tubes, to make the “house” even larger. Hamsters aren’t very active during the day, and take a lot of naps on their soft mat. The cage is easy to clean, even by children, helping them learn about responsibility.

“Having a pet always involves some effort, but the joy they bring to our home is priceless”.

Many thanks to Laura and her children for welcoming us in their home!












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