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The puppy we decided to adopt at Christmas is still getting used to his new family, but he needs to be educated right from the beginning, at least when it comes to peeing and pooping. Of course, no puppy is expected to learn where to pee in just a couple of days, so it’s important to take “accidents” into account. It’s important to commit to educating him right at first, so that he’ll soon learn to pee and poo only where we tell him to. A brief guide:

Take your puppy out after each meal or nap, or after playing with him. Never forget to collect his poo – use your practical DUDU bag holder. When he’s finished doing his business, reward him with a loud “Good boy!”, but make sure not to exclaim it while he’s still doing it, otherwise you may interrupt the process and risk finding the rest of it on your Persian rug.


  • Never punish the puppy after he’s soiled the floor/rug/carpet; it won’t do any good


  • Don’t punish the puppy by rubbing his muzzle on his pee. Just exclaim a dry “NO” if you catch him red-handed.


  • Never punish the puppy, not even with a simple reprimand, if he hasn’t yet been rewarded for doing it in the right place. The first thing he should learn is where to poop, and not where NOT to poop.


  • If you spend a lot of time away from home, it’s a good idea to limit the area in which the puppy will be left while you’re out, to prevent him from damaging furniture or cushions with his teeth or by peeing where he’s not supposed to. The DOG GATE can be very useful in these cases: a sturdy gate with bars placed 5 cm apart, perfect to keep the puppy from gaining access to rooms where he’s not supposed to go. Equipped with a practical opening system, so it’s easy to open from both sides, it’s easy to install, requiring no drilling or anything of the kind; it’s adjustable, and it can also be extended, using the accessory bars purchased separately. What if there’s a cat in the house? No worries: the PET GATE also comes in a version with a little door that’s only big enough for the cat.


Another useful idea is the DOG TRAINING, an educational fence for puppies, perfect to assign a space within the household to your new guest, who will soon begin to recognise as his own.








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