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Why is it that our dogs love hiding under the dining table or the coffee table? Because they’re instinctively den animals. They love lurking in narrow places that make them feel well hidden and therefore safe. The carrier can become a fantastic den, to be used not only for travel purposes, but also at home.


It’s important to find a corner at home that they can easily access, in which to place the carrier. They can use it to hide whenever they want, or even just to take a nap, away from the children’s laughter or from anyone who disturbs them while they try to sleep. Ferplast’s ATLAS PROFESSIONAL carrier is useful not only for travelling, but can also be used at home as a dog house or a den for our furry friends, be they medium or large, available in 3 sizes. The carrier has a solid plasticised steel door, a trough for food and water, side aeration grids for proper air circulation, a safety latch, and a hygienic pad.


The carrier must be large enough that the dog can stand up and turn around effortlessly. Many people also think this is an excellent method to help the dog get used to staying at home and away from dangers. For instance, after remaining in the carrier in the absence of the owner, the dog must be immediately taken outside and encouraged to evacuate, and rewarded afterwards. Another idea is to leave him a toy he can only have when the carrier is closed and you’re busy doing housework. The important thing is never to use it as a punishment when he does something wrong. His entering or leaving the carrier must never be a negative or positive event. If your dog is agitated, let him calm down before letting him out, and don’t caress him or encourage him until he’s relaxed.

Soon the carrier will become a safe place for your puppy, a place he can enter and leave without tension; it will be his den and not the place in which he’s locked in, even for a short while. Living a positive experience with the carrier at home will help him face travels with more tranquillity, as he’ll be familiar with the carrier and will hop inside without a fuss.

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