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Proper dental hygiene is important for us humans, let alone for our furry friends that use their sharp teeth not only for chomping down yummy food but also for chewing pretty much anything else, according to their level of enthusiasm or curiosity, from sofas to our latest super expensive pair of shoes. According to the estimate of CeDIS Innovet (Centre for Scientific Documentation and Innovation), 80% of dogs and 74% of cats have some kind of problem in their mouth or teeth.

This is why chewing toys have been created, made with natural components that satisfy their need to chew and play while actually cleaning their teeth at every bite. They are GoodBite Natural, a new line of chewing toys by Ferplast, designed to protect your dog’s health. Available in different shapes and tastes, they are made of a corn starch biopolymer, are absolutely safe and treated in such a manner they won’t alter your dog’s diet, as they’re not metabolized when ingested – no fear of weight gain, then! Once in contact with the saliva and the gastric acid, the material becomes a gelatinous mass that doesn’t cause intestinal blockages. During chewing, GOODBITE NATURAL acts by removing plaque, reducing the formation of tartar and preventing the formation of cavities, and your dog won’t notice any of this because he’ll be too busy having fun! No diet alteration, safe if swallowed, natural, non-toxic. But don’t get too hyper about it – it’s for dogs only!





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