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Trains are some of the most popular means of transportation for reasonably short distances. Some take it to go to work, others to go on holiday, or simply to meet friends and family in another city. But can you take your dog or cat with you on a train? The answer is yes!

Pet owners who wish to travel with their furry friends can take them on the train without hassle. But there are a few rules to be followed, which change according to the railway company you’ll be traveling with.

Travelling with Italo

Dogs and all small pets no heavier than 10 kilograms travel on Italo free of charge. They must travel in carriers and, of course, their health card must be with you. The carrier can be placed in the space between the seats; if no room is available, it can easily be kept near you for some loving petting every now and then.

Large dogs can travel as long as they’re on a leash and wearing a soft or rigid muzzle when climbing in or out of the train. This is because it can get hectic with all those people coming and going, and your dog could get scared. Large dogs must pay a ticket, because the “seats” reserved for them are few. The ticket is not cheap – € 50 – but keep an eye on their website and you’ll often find offers so your dog can travel for free. You can book a ticket for your dog up to two hours before departure!

Traveling with Trenitalia

Similarly, small dogs travel free but must remain in their carriers, which cannot exceed 70 x 30 x 50. They can travel in first and second class of all train categories and in service levels Executive, Business, Premium and Standard. Try to place her carrier in the baggage shelves or next to you (as long as it doesn’t bother the other passengers).

Larger dogs must be kept in the leash and wear a muzzle; you must also pay a ticket for them. Keep in mind that your dog can never take the seat of another passenger: he must sit next to you, or in the reserved spaces.

For hassle-free traveling, always keep your dog’s registration and health card with you as they could be requested at any time.

There’s no need to leave your pet behind when you travel, just keep these few tips in mind and you won’t risk getting a ticket! Now enjoy Nala and Mila’s trip!


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