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This is the golden era of street food, and in Milan a food truck was launched with delicious snacks and treats for dogs. It’s called Dog Sweet Dog, Italy’s first food truck entirely dedicated to pets. Good enough to lick your whiskers!

Street food is a very old tradition dating back to ancient Greeks and Romans, where poor people cooked and ate in the streets. In southern Italy this is a deeply rooted tradition – just think of Sicilian arancini, fried octopus from Salento, or Neapolitan fried pizza, all of which were traditionally eaten in the streets.

What is Dog Sweet Food?

In Milan, after pet food delivery there’s now a white and pink Ape Car with biscuits, snacks, toys and accessories – a street food paradise – all dedicated to Fido. The idea of Dog Sweet Dog came to Elena Masson, who left her job at 40 years of age to follow a dream she’s had since she was very young.

Dog Sweet Dog is a nomad shop: you can find it at Milan’s main parks and now also at the biggest street food events and festivals out of Milan, such as Turin, Florence and Pietrasanta.

What can Fido order?

There are many items available, all with natural, genuine and preservative-free ingredients to fulfil your dog’s nutritional needs while keeping an eye on her health. You will find therapeutic biscuits to clean your dog’s teeth, for their joints, to fight bad breath, as well as snacks that keep your dog’s fur glossy; biscuits shaped like bones, lollypops, muffins and many sweets and pies, sugar-free and created for proper nourishment. Their main item? Surely their cupcakes made of rice flour, caraway paste and carrots, without sugar or chocolate. Prices range from €1 per biscuit to €2.5 for a cupcake.

If street food is the new gourmet frontier, why shouldn’t our pets be able to enjoy it too? We’re sure you’ll get your furry friend a nice little treat if you come across a Dog Sweet Dog truck!

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