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Summer is coming and everyone wants to get in shape. What’s better than a jog with your dog? A research by the University of Western Australia showed that 7 out of 10 adults who own a dog do 150 minutes of physical activity per week without even noticing, against only 20 minutes of those who don’t own a pet. Owning a dog and thus having to walk him every day is a great way to burn a handful of calories.

Then why not go a step further and reap even more benefits? Design a plan, write down your milestones, step up from a 10-minute walk to 30 minutes, and, when you’re ready, get started with running. Ferplast has designed a special belt-leash for this very purpose: it keeps you connected to your pet while leaving your hands free.

It’s called FREE TIME and you’ll never want to go out without it again. After the first few times you use it, your dog itself will make you puppy eyes asking for it.

The benefits of Ferplast’s belt-leash are numerous: it can improve your relationship with your dog, helps you get in shape, and, of course, will make your dog happier, exercising outdoors and sharing a moment of leisure with you.








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