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One of the greatest dilemmas on the subject of trips by car with your dog on board is whether to use the traditional pet carrier or a safety belt. Both are valid solutions, but when is it best to use one rather than the other?

Travelling by car with a dog without running any risks is possible. The important thing is to keep your own well-being and that of your pet in mind at all times, to avoid jeopardizing the safety of both. In fact, our four-legged friends must travel in the luggage space at the back of the car or on the rear seats, separated by a mesh or with other restraint systems permitted by law.

Travelling by car with a pet carrier

Most pet owners use a pet carrier as a means of moving their four-legged friend, both for long and short trips. It is the safest tool and it is universally used, as it is valid in all countries. This should be placed in the luggage area of the car, depending on the size of the dog: remember to opt for a spacious model that will allow your pet to change position, but without exaggerating, otherwise it would be too dispersive and the animal could feel frightened.

If you want to make your dog feel at ease and avoid stressing him, put his favourite toys inside the carrier and above all make sure that the carrier has sufficient ventilation on all four sides, to ensure proper air recirculation and thereby guarantee a comfortable environment for the trip.

The safety belt for dogs

If you want to have your dog by your side during your trip by car, you can use the safety belt, which ensures safety while driving, both for the driver and also for your furry friend, making the trip pleasant and away from danger, as it will keep your pet still in the event of braking or swerving. It should be noted that your furry friend can only travel on the back seats and never next to the driver.

Safety belts for dogs are fastened to the clasps with which the car is equipped and to the harness. The Dog Safety model by Ferplast, for example, is made of tough nylon, with an adjustable length, and is designed for our four-legged friends weighing no more than 30 kg. It is an ideal compromise that allows you to keep your four-legged friend steady, without making him suffer the stress of feeling “locked up” and is ideal if you do not have a separator for the car.

Lastly, to protect the car seat from being soiled and to make it more comfortable for your pet, you can put a comfortable cushion for dogs on it, such as the Jolly model by Ferplast.

It’s a personal choice to decide whether or not to take the dog in the car in a pet carrier or to use a safety belt and leave him on the back seats. It depends on various factors, such as the dog’s temperament, the dog’s degree of resistance for spending long hours travelling, his ability to adapt and not move too much.

In all cases, remember to stop from time to time for some refreshment and to let your furry-friend stretch his legs!

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