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Perhaps not everyone knows that rabbits can be easily trained, since they are a very clever and sociable animal.

However, rabbit training is not a practice to be taken lightly. There are some rules that should be followed to ensure good rabbit training and an easy and a successful approach for the owner. This is not a difficult practice, you just have to follow the rules and arm yourself with patience.

Understanding rabbit behavior

The first step in training rabbits is being able to understand and recognize their behavior and body language. This will be essential for the owner, who will be able to get much more in tune with his pets and understand their needs.

For example, if your rabbits tend to run away and hide, it means that they are very scared. This behavior is a symptom of discomfort and fear and could help you correct some approaches and look for others to make them feel protected and comfortable.

Also, understanding what motivates your rabbit will be important in finding their preferred rewards during training. Usually food and games are the best rewards for these little animals.

Remember that not all rabbits like to be petted or held. Even these little things and the reactions to some of your behaviors will be important in understanding how to approach your pet and make him feel safe.

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Rabbits sight and smell

To train your rabbit it is also good to know how their sense of smell and vision work. Whiskers and nose are the two body parts that they use the most. Food should therefore not be so much seen as smelled.

The sight of the rabbit is instead used by the animal more than anything else to identify predators from afar. Don’t approach your pet too quickly but give him time to see and smell you and perceive there isn’t any threat.

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Rabbit training

Once you follow these simple rules, you can start training your rabbits. Keep in mind that quietness and kindness are key with these animals.


With rabbits it is important to maintain daily and constant training. It won’t take much time, just dedicate half an hour a day to your pet, perhaps divided into three sessions of 10 minutes each.

In fact, rabbits need continuous exercise in order to learn your teachings in the best possible way.


As in any training, rabbits need their rewards too! Choose a greedy reward but suited to their needs. Rabbits are fond of blueberries, cabbage and carrots. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also excellent but be careful not to overdo it! If they are not used to it, it’s best to start with small doses.

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Correct place

If you want to teach your rabbits a certain behavior, it is best to do it in the place where this behavior is to occur. Also, when they perform an action to be rewarded, immediately give them their reward!

By doing so, your pet will associate your teaching with the place where it was taught, making learning easier. For example, if you want to teach them to enter their home, make sure that it is nearby and that it is in the place it normally occupies.

Come when called

Do you want to train your rabbits to come towards you when they hear their name? You’ll want to get some of their favorite treats and keep one on one hand. Call them and, if they approach, reward them with their treat. Repeat this action often, and over time, increase the distance. Your rabbits will slowly associate the correct action with the reward and will automatically go towards you once you have pronounced their name.

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