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Although the cat’s eyesight is highly developed, these animals are certainly not immune to problems and diseases related to the eyes.

However, eyes problems in cats are not easily recognizable and often the owner realizes the diseases when it is too late. Nevertheless, there are some precautions to take in order to better monitor your feline’s eye health.

How to understand if my cat has eye problems

Loss of vision in cats is in most cases a gradual process. For this reason, it’s very important to observe your pet’s behaviors. Many diseases and vision disorders in cats present very similar symptoms.

Here are some alarm bells to understand if your cat has eye issues:

  Your cat’s eyes are often closed or semi-closed

  The eye area is often swollen or red

  You often notice discharge or blood from the eyes

  Your cat often touches their eyes with their paws

  Your cat is cats is often disoriented and tends to bump into objects

What are the most common eye problems in cats

The problems related to the cats’ sight are many and different from each other, both in terms of severity and the treatment to be adopted. Here are some of the most common problems your cats may encounter, especially if they are elderly.


Conjunctivitis in cats is a very common disorder and is often caused by an infection of bacterial or viral origin. It is recognizable by the increase in eye secretions and can affect both eyes or just one.

This type of problem is easily treated with specific antibiotics in the form of drops, often accompanied by targeted medicine to avoid future relapses.

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Irritations in the eye area

Eye irritations in cats are often linked to environmental agents. A particularly sensitive feline might be bothered by strong perfumes, chemicals, smoke and dust, all of which lead to irritation of the eye area.

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Corneal ulcer

Among the cat’s eye problems there are ulcers, opaque micro lacerations on the eye, potentially serious if not taken in time. They also arise due to untreated irritations, which is why prevention is  vital.

Small ulcers can be treated with special eye drops, but more serious ones may even require surgery. The absence of treatment, on the other hand, can lead to serious outcomes, including blindness.


Glaucoma is caused by the excessive accumulation of fluid inside the eye. It is a serious condition, which often causes pain, severe discomfort, redness and swelling in the eye area.

Typical signs of glaucoma are:  an enlarged eye, a cloudy cornea, eye redness, a dilated pupil that doesn’t react properly to light, eye pain, or excessive tearing.

It will be essential to act promptly to avoid loss of sight and blindness and therefore to call your vet as soon as possible. As is often the case with more serious ailments, there are some cat breeds that are more prone to certain diseases than others. This is why information and prevention are essential.


Cataract in cats, as for humans, is a disorder that often occurs in old age and causes blurring of vision. However, it can also be caused by diabetes mellitus and in this case it must be treated separately. In cases of advanced age, your vet may recommend surgery or simply let your feline adjust to the loss of vision.

How to look after a cat with vision problems

Cats with eye problems tend to sharpen other senses such as smell and hearing, anyway it is also important to help your cats with simple tricks. If the feline has lost his sight, it will not be easy for him to be outdoors and orient himself. You can take him outside, perhaps on a leash with a harness like the Easy or Nikita P model by Ferplast. In this way your cat will be able to stay outdoors without feeling disoriented.

Also avoid changing the arrangement of the furniture in the house and especially the cat corner dedicated to food and relaxation!

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