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When it comes to dog health, it doesn’t immediately come to mind how important dog grooming is.

Grooming includes not only bathing and coat caring, but it concerns their hygiene and cleanliness in general. These are indispensable operations, which are often neglected in favor of other types of comforts, such as a suitable environment, healthy food and so on. These aspects are certainly also fundamental but be careful not to underestimate the importance of keeping your dog tidy and clean!

How often should grooming be done

The grooming treatment does not have a precise and regular deadline. It really depends on the breed of your dog and the type of coat. Usually, it should be done approximately every month or every month and a half.

It is a fundamental habit not only for a purely aesthetic matter, but also and above all to guarantee our dogs’ well-being and protect them from any health issues.

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What are the basic treatments?

Dog grooming involves a series of cleaning treatments that it is important to periodically undertake. For each of these, not only the frequency but also the tools and products that are used make a difference.

Bathing the dog

The first rule to keep in mind is not to wash your dog too often. Bathing the dog too frequently leads to a fur weakening, which has a protective function.

Bathing the dog too assiduously would also lead to a greater production of sebum by the subcutaneous sebaceous glands, with a consequent tendency to produce unpleasant odors.

For a great bath it is advisable to warm water, to use specific products for dogs and avoid wetting their eyes and ears. To make the dog’s shower pleasant for him and easy for the owner, Ferplast has created the Dog Shower. It is a shower that can be filled with shampoo, which will be distributed evenly on the animal’s fur. The rubber teeth also have a double function: remove dirt and perform a relaxing massage at the same time.

An excellent accessory during the bath is also the Ferplast GRO 5933 rubber glove which allows you to brush your dog’s coat while bathing him, removing dead hair and eliminating excess water.

Hair cutting

Hair trimming must be done carefully. You need to consider both the length and the type of coat of your dog. There are three different main techniques: shearing, scissor cutting and stripping.

Among the recommended tools, a serrated scissors such as the GRO 5784 Premium by Ferplast can be a valid ally in cutting your dog’s hair. It is ideal for any length and has a comfortable and ergonomic handle.

Stripping is a particular technique that involves the manual removal of excess dead hair. Usually dogs with a rough and harsh coat, such as terriers, need it. It can be done with various tools such as small scissors, boxcutters or pumice stone, or even with your hands alone. Warning, stripping is not a procedure that anyone can do, the hand of an expert is required.

Coat brushing

Brushing is one of the most important in dog grooming. Their fur needs to be combed out regularly. Depending on the type of hair, there are different recommended brushes:

• A wide-toothed rake comb, such as the Ferplast GRO 5874 comb, very useful for untangling knots and eliminating dirt on medium and long-haired dogs.

• A slicker brush, such as GRO 5769 Premium by Ferplast, to thoroughly brush medium and long-haired dogs and effectively remove dead hair.

• A stiff bristle brush, such as GRO 5760 Premium, ideal for all types of hair, useful for ordering and polishing the coat

Other types of cleaning operations 

There are also other parts of the body that should be kept clean to ensure the well-being of your dogs.

The ears cleaning of the ears, teeth and eyes must be regular and thorough. Careful hygiene avoids illnesses, ailments and physical discomforts for your four-legged friends. Trimming their nails regularly is also important and will benefit your dog.

Ears: Dogs’ ears need to be cleaned very carefully. It is advisable to introduce a cotton swab soaked in a special cleaning solution, and slowly clean inside and outside, being careful not to go too deep.

Teeth: As far as dog oral hygiene is concerned, the solution can be a toothbrush for dogs, such as Gro 5939, or a dental snack, such as the new 100% Snacks by Ferplast. In addition to being natural and appetizing, they remove plaque from the teeth and reduce the formation of tartar thanks to the mechanical action of chewing.

Eyes: to clean the eyes, just use a gauze soaked in water or eye or saline solution. Alternatively, you can opt for ready-to-use ophthalmic wipes.

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