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Having a cat may bring tons of positive effects and can help with your physical and mental well-being, improving our mood. But if your cotton ball is a bit on the wild side and overreacts to every single stimulus, things can become more complicated than initially expected. “Domesticating” a hyperactive kitten is not impossible; just follow these tips.

You don’t necessarily need to worry about your cat’s energy: very often, your friend’s interest for things, people and other pets can indicate a high level of intelligence and vivacity. When you should actually start worrying, then?


Like all felines, kittens also tend to sleep and relax all day long, and become more active as the sun goes down. So don’t be afraid if during the evening your cat is more playful and bubbly than usual, in particular if it’s still a kitten, who usually need more attention and love.


On the contrary: if your furry friend is stiff and plays non-stop, never seems to get tired, climbs everything, drops objects all the time and sleeps less than its peers of the same age, congratulations! Your cat is very likely a hyperactive one. Separating kittens from their mother too early and not giving him enough attention may be the causes of this problem. Just like human beings, cats also learn behaviour rules from their mother. When a kitten grows up without his mum, he might become an agitated adult, sometimes even on the aggressive side.


Calming down a hyperactive cat is easier than you think. The secret is to create an environment that is both stimulating and fun. Get him different toys (thanks to which he can distract himself and play in a constructive manner, rather than destructive), from those with springs to those made of latex and including electronic toys, such as Ferplast’s Raptor, with a moving rod and small pendant that moves in an unexpected manner. Trying to catch it is a perfect physical and mental exercise and a powerful anti-stress activity.


In addition to oscillating objects, kittens love feathers and string, which they love to grasp and bite: Ferplast’s fishing rods are little sticks made of wood with a fun toy made of natural fibres and fabric hanging from them, which you can move and make your cat jump as he attempts to catch it.


It’s also important to cat-proof your home, preparing a little corner with his own personal things: his food bowls, his toys, and, of course, a scratching post, perhaps placed near your sofa, to keep your cat from attacking it, or near the window, so he can look outside and check his territory as it takes care of his manicure.

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Needless to say, there’s no such thing as too much cuddling. Interacting with your kitten is crucial, so he knows he’s loved. This will calm him down.


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