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Ferplast uccelli mangiatoia Brava
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Many birds often suffer from annoying and aggressive diseases, which are sometimes not easy to detect and treat. One of these is Coccidiosis in birds, which is very common and affects many species of domestic birds, especially parrots and exotic birds, without distinction. 

But what is it and what symptoms to look out for to recognise this disorder and eradicate it? Here is everything you need to know about Coccidiosis in birds.

Coccidiosis in birds: what is it?

Coccidiosis is a disease that affects many birds and is often feared since it can also occur in a severe and violent form. It is caused by certain parasites called coccidia, with which the bird usually comes into contact by ingesting contaminated water or food, or through the faeces of other sick birds.

These parasites once ingested penetrate the cells and nest mainly in the intestinal tract, reproducing and causing severe infection and inflammation. It is also a highly contagious disease, as the bacteria are excreted via faeces, which could then easily infect another specimen. 

Ferplast uccelli coccidiosi

The symptoms of Coccidiosis in birds

Coccidiosis in birds can be recognised by observing some particular symptoms in your small pet that act as a real alarm bell. Some birds already have some of these bacteria in their bodies, but if they are in small quantities, no symptoms occur because they do not represent a danger.

The most common symptoms are enteritis, bloated belly, very liquid stools with blood traces, weight loss due to lack of appetite and apathy. 

The causes often lie first of all in poor cage hygiene, but also in stressful situations, overcrowding of the cage, sudden changes in feeding and sudden changes in temperature.

Ferplast uccelli coccidiosi sintomi

How to avoid Coccidiosis in birds?

Prevention of Coccidiosis in birds is not always feasible, but there are some important steps to take to prevent your small pet from suffering from this disorder.

Taking care of cage hygiene is essential to prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. That is why it is recommended to clean your birds’ home every two to three days. 

The cleanliness of the accessories is also crucial! Our advice to facilitate the hygiene of the various parts is to use externally attached drinking bottles and feeders. This makes it very easy to remove, wash and refill them, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness with minimum effort.

Ferplast’s BRAVA bird feeder is made of plastic and can be used for both food and water. Designed to be easy to use and extremely practical, thanks to the special mechanism that makes it rotatable and removable without having to disassemble it. To introduce food, simply turn it outwards, fill it up and turn it inwards again; for cleaning and maintenance, it can be removed from the shell without any danger of the bird escaping.

The Ferplast FPI 4562 drinking bottle also has this type of attachment and is equipped with a convenient spout for easy drinking. 

Coccidiosis in birds can be a serious disease if left untreated. That is why it is necessary to contact your veterinarian when the first symptoms appear. Keep an eye on your pet’s health and try to follow the small tips in this article to avoid this disease. 

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