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Goldfish, it seems, are at the top of the list of the pets most popular with American families and the National Pet Owner Survey tells us that there are some 142 million of them in homes all over the U.S. While in Italy dogs remain the “most sold pet”, in America dogs don’t even rank second place – that honour is reserved for cats!

The most popular breed of dog in the United States is the Labrador. They are very sweet-natured and their character makes them ideal for playing with children and helping people with disabilities.

When it comes to exotic animals, the Royal Python is in first place. Although its name might lead you to think otherwise, it’s actually one of the smallest types of pythons. It is easier to keep than other pythons and, perhaps also because of its small size, it has won a special place in the hearts of American families.

So many of you all over the world are enthusiastic about our products, and to meet the many requests we get, we decided to open a new branch in the Big Apple – in New York City – so that you who follow us from afar can also have the very best of our products for your beloved pets. Stay tuned!

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