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Gatto nero disteso sul cuscino
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Christmas time is full of stories and legends. 

Among them is one that explains the relationship between the cat and the witch.

The legend of the epiphanic cat

In the common imagination, the cat and the witch are linked. This bond has its roots in an ancient legend which, among other things, dispels fears surrounding the figure of the black cat.

What does the story of the cat and the witch tell?

According to the legend, once upon a time there used to be only tabby cats, except for the Hag’s cat, which was so black that only his eyes could be seen at night. The cat join the witch on her long journey on the night of 5-6 January, after which he hibernated until the following year.

One night, he leaned out of his broom too far and dropped a present. The witch, who had never before left a child without a gift, had the idea of replacing the lost present with her own black cat, giving him a lifetime of cuddles and affection.

And so the cat arrived in the world of humans directly through the chimney, where an astonished but delighted child was waiting for him. His mum and dad were delighted and the cat became part of the family.Black cat posing in the nature

Black cat is a symbol of joy

The legend of the cat and the hag shows that the mystery and fear surrounding the black cat is nothing more than absurd superstition. The black cat, in fact, is a symbol of joy and happiness, because he brought happiness into the home of the child who welcomed him.

This story of the cat and the witch may not be among the most known, but it does show us how silly superstitions are, especially when linked to our animal friends.

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