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Frida, cucciolo di bracco, dorme su cuccia Harris di Ferplast
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When a puppies enter our lives, everything is new, for them and for us. That’s why it is important to prepare everything necessary for their growth, to welcome them in a comfortable and suitable environment. This is what Beatrice has chosen for her little Frida, a baby vizsla.

A puppy’s first months in a new home are a period of discovery. Dogs are separated from their mother and siblings and have to get used to a new reality. In addition to cuddles and love, puppies need a whole range of accessories for a happy growth. These include items for cleaning, eating and resting, but, above all, they need toys.

Growing up as a puppy: learning to do the business

Puppies have everything to learn and it is up to us to help them do so. In the first few months of your puppy’s growth, he/she must be taught to do his business outside, during walks. However, young dogs pee much more frequently than adult dogs and it is not easy for them to hold back. This can also happen during the night. To prevent your puppy from dirtying all over the house, you can use Ferplast’s Genico hygienic mats – just like Beatrice chose to do – made from super-absorbent polymers, suitable for protecting armchairs, sofas and furniture. They are also useful for training puppies to do their business in a limited space. To prevent your puppy from carrying them around, they can be used in conjunction with the Hygienic Pad Tray, made of solid plastic with a removable frame.Hygienic Pad Tray di FerplastFrida, cucciolo di bracco, su Hygienic Pad Tray di Ferplast

Growing puppy: feeding time

Another key part of puppy growth is feeding time. When they are young, dogs eat about four or five times a day, but around the year of age, meals are reduced to two or three. The bowl should be given to the puppy and then taken away after about twenty minutes, so that it gets used to it and experiences mealtime as a kind of ritual. It is therefore important that the dog has its own bowl. For Frida, Beatrice has chosen Jolie, the Orion stainless steel bowl with a plastic holder available in different sizes. It is suitable for water, dry and wet food and is easy to wash thanks to its smooth surface.Frida, cucciolo di bracco, mangia dalla ciotola Jolie di Ferplast

Puppy growth: sleep and relax

Sleep is very important for puppies, as it is the time when they process and fix the experiences of the day. In addition, it is an indispensable time for recovering energy and leading a balanced life. Frida enjoys a moment of relaxation in her Harris kennel from Ferplast, made of durable fabric and velvet. The decorative bow gives it a fun touch, as does the soft double-sided cushion. In addition, Harris has a low entrance, so your puppy can walk in without getting in the way. It’s available in different colours and sizes to match the style of your home.Frida, cucciolo di Bracco, dorme nella cuccia Harris di Ferplast

Grooming time

In spring and autumn, dogs shed, which means they need to be brushed more regularly. The coat of a vizsla is short, dense and hard to the touch. To brush Frida, therefore, the brush must be soft and used against the grain to remove as much hair as possible and thin the undercoat. The GRO Premium 5753 and GRO Premium 5759 brushes, for example, with polyamide bristles, promote a clean, shiny coat and provide a pleasant massage.Frida spazzolata dalla proprietaria con spazzola Gro Premium di FerplastFrida viene spazzolata dalla padrona con spazzola Gro Premium di Ferplast

Growing puppy: play time

The most important part of a puppy’s routine during his first months at home with us is play time. Play is important because it is whereby the puppy learns to relate to his fellow humans and his surroundings. Even when they are alone, puppies must have something to play with to avoid getting bored and getting into troubles. Although dogs should not be left alone in the house for more than a couple of hours, they should be equipped with the right accessories. Among the most popular toys, there are chewing toys, which also promote the dog’s oral hygiene and are useful as stress reliever. Alternatively, the braided cotton rope is a dental toy that is suitable for tug-of-war, tossing and fetching, to do mouth muscles exercises and massages the gums, that sometimes are hurting due to the growth of teeth.

Frida, cucciolo di bracco, gioca con corda in cotone Ferplast

The first few months of a puppy’s life in a new home are new for dogs and pet parents. Choosing the right accessories for your puppy’s growth is important to make this time unforgettable.

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