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As in the world of humans, the dog world also boasts members that are more athletic and agile than others, dogs that love to run and work out. It’s a genetic thing. DNA determines what sort of physique and mentality any particular breed is blessed with. Do you know which breeds are more athletic than the others?


The German Shepherd is a real canine sports star. It is resistant and very powerful of mind and body, it has great charisma, all features that make it very popular with everyone, but also the perfect dog for public service alongside police and rescue units. It loves to swim and is the ideal companion on long hikes. It’s an alert dog, and sure to be a source of great fun for many years!


Dobermans are lean and muscular. They are alert, obedient and fun loving, and they are very territorial, faithful to their owners and the emblem of what a great guard dog should be. Dobermans are also incredibly energetic, and to burn it off they need to do lots of physical activities, like the long walks they love to enjoy with their owners.


There is no dog more athletic than a Border Collie! One of its distinguishing characteristics is its remarkable ability to keep the wandering sheep in its care together. It is an exuberant dog that loves canine and human company, it excels at agility and more often than not wins the prizes when competing in their complex and favourite sport against other dog breeds. They love being out in the open, adore wide open fields!


The Beagle is a medium sized dog with an abundance of energy, a vigorous pet that can’t wait to go out and do things together with you. They are happy to just be able to go out and run around even a small garden to burn off that pent-up energy. They are hunting dogs, so they are resistant and very alert. They love to move around, run distances and learn new things to keep them busy.


Whippets are long, slender dogs with long legs ideal for running very fast. They are, in fact, one of the world’s fastest breed of dogs, able to reach 45 km/hr. They need to be taken out at least twice a day and let free to run and exercise. They are very loyal, obedient dogs, peaceful and affectionate companions.

Other breeds that have special athletic abilities are Boxers, Weimeraners, Jack Russels, Labradors and Setters. So if you are looking for a pal to train with, there are plenty of delightful breeds out there waiting to work out alongside you!

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