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Dog with Ferplast bowls
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Our four-legged friends are great gluttons. Whenever we eat, they sit beside us under the table and wait for something good to fall. So, if your dog is not eating, perhaps something is wrong.

Although dogs eat in different quantities and at different times, it is not normal to find a dog that does not eat.

Causes of your dog’s lack of appetite

It sometimes happens that a dog has little appetite or eats less than usual. If this happens infrequently and the lack of appetite lasts for less than 24 hours, then there is nothing to worry about. This may be a temporary illness. 

The causes for your dog not eating can be:

  • slight indigestion
  • pain in the teeth
  • recent vaccination
  • stress

If the dog won’t eat for a longer period, a more serious condition may be at fault. This could be liver problems, an infection and, in the worst case, a tumour. Therefore, when the lack of appetite persists, the vet should be called.Dog moves away from the bowl

Other causes of your dog’s lack of appetite

It may happen that your dog doesn’t eat for more trivial reasons, for example if he finds food in the bowl that he’s not used to or if he has got used to eating new food. Dogs have their own tastes too, so if your dog won’t eat, he may not like what is in the bowl.

Solutions if your dog won’t eat

The first thing to do if your dog does not eat is to set precise feeding times. If the dog does not eat within 10 or 15 minutes, we will withdraw the bowl until the next time. If the fasting continues, contact your vet.

Secondly, we should try to vary the dog’s diet so that he does not always eat the same things, we can add a spoonful of wet food to the kibble, for example.
To induce the dog to eat, we can heat the food, so that it smells good and become more stimulating.Dog is eating from Ferplast bowl

Ferplast dog food accessories

Ferplast’s dog feeding accessories include a wide range of stainless steel, ceramic and plastic products.

Jolie, for example, made of steel with a plastic bottom equipped with non-slip rubber feet, is suitable for both food and water. It’s light, durable and easy to clean.

Glam, on the other hand, is spacious and made of robust plastic, ideal for both dry and wet food, thanks to its smooth surface that makes it easy to clean.

Then there is Mira, made of painted metal, which is durable, hygienic and available in different sizes and colours.

Finally, for feeding your dog on the move, there is Yappy, the space-saving travel bowl made of silicone rubber that can be folded up.Dog drinks from travel bowl by Ferplast

Before worrying too much when your dog won’t eat, wait to see if this is a temporary behaviour or if it lasts over time. If this is the case, contact your vet to get to the bottom of the issue.

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