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Dog is running on the grass
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A recent survey has shown that the alteration of the seasons is causing the appearance of phenomena that are potentially harmful to pets.

Let’s see why our pets’ health is severely threatened by climate change.

Risk factors for pets

Among the greatest causes of risk to our pets are parasitic infestations, which are becoming increasingly frequent. Parasites known as vectors carry diseases that sometimes have serious repercussions on the animals’ behaviour and health. The multiplication of parasites is due to constantly rising temperatures. A milder climate, for example, favours the proliferation of mosquitoes, which carry diseases. As with ticks, which have always been a summer issue, that are now present all year round, reproduce faster, smaller in size and therefore more difficult to detect.Black dog is scratching himself

Consequences of parasites on pets

The parasites that most affect pets are fleas, ticks, lice and mange mites. They cause itching and thus self-induced wounds and lesions due to incessant scratching. In addition, they can transmit infectious diseases that are dangerous not only to four-legged animals but also to humans.

Consequences of climate change for pets

The change in seasons has meant that diseases classified as ‘exotic’, above all leishmaniasis, are now increasingly common. In addition to the obvious diseases, there are also consequences on the behaviour of pets themselves: increased stress levels, anxiety, fears and phobias. Climate change also affects the shedding of hair, which no longer takes place cyclically, but throughout the year, causing dermatological problems.Pet parent controls the hair of her dog

How to deal with climate change

To protect the physical and psychological wellbeing of our pets, it is essential to protect them from ticks and mosquitoes all year round. Continuous anti-parasitic treatment is a good means of defense. It is also essential to keep the coat clean and brush it often, using a flea comb such as Ferplast’s GRO 5753 Premium, which leaves the coat shiny, neat and clean.Cat is combed with Ferplast comb

Protecting your pets from parasites is the duty of all pet parents. To do this in the best possible way, it is always advisable to consult your vet to find out what to do. 

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