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Choosing the best hutch for your rabbit can be controversial and difficult, especially when you are a beginner. This item is necessary and represents a safe shelter for the tender pet. If you want an ideal model that can also be left outside, we recommend that you opt for plastic models!

Hutch material: the advantages of plastic

Plastic rabbit hutches have countless advantages, for example they are very resistant to atmospheric agents, so they can be placed outdoors without the fear that they will also be damaged.

Plastic is also easier to clean: with a sprinkle of vinegar (which is a very effective natural and disinfectant product) and a wipe with a sponge, even the most difficult dirt residues, such as limescale caused by pee, are eliminated.

As already said in this blog, Ferplast cares about the world and environment we live in together with our beloved pets, therefore the material used comes only from sustainable recycled plastics. Be assured, this will not affect the high quality of the product.

Ferplast’s Grand Lodge plastic rabbit hutches

For our small pets and above all for large rabbits, the best houses are certainly those of the Grand Lodge range by Ferplast. These rabbit hutches are made of thermoplastic resin, they have a a patented design, large and super comfortable; they are very spacious both in height and in length to guarantee the wad as large and welcoming as possible.


Grand Lodge is available in two sizes, 120 and 140, is very modern and spacious, and is structured in two floors.

The ground floor has a metal fence, is fully equipped with a plastic feeder, drinking bottle, food bowl. There is also a sliding door with a safety locking hook and a wooden ladder that connects the two floors of the cage.

The upper floor is equipped with a side access door and a large plastic bottom, which functions a dirt collection drawer, protected on the front by a lift-up door that is extremely convenient during cleaning. In this area of ​​the hutch there is also an internal little house with wooden walls and access ramp, where the rabbit can relax and take a nap.

As for maintenance, all hutches have a fully opening roof and two large doors, one on the front and one on the side. The hole that gives access to the lower floor is equipped with a closing lid, very practical during cleaning operations to temporarily lock up the small animal, and with a raised edge to prevent the litter from falling below.


The Grand Lodge Plus rabbit hutch differs from the Grand Lodge for the equipment of the base. In fact, in the Plus model, there is a plastic base that acts as a containment tray, especially useful when you want to place the cage under the porch but without risking to dirty it. The hay, any rabbit needs, and leftover food all remain in the tray.

As an option, valid for both models, it is possible to add the special Protective Roller curtain useful to create sheltered areas, in order to protect the rabbit from the cold and drafts. The curtain, in transparent PVC, easily attaches to the upper mesh opening of the rabbit hutch and can also be rolled out.

And you, are you more of a plastic or wooden rabbit hutch type?

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