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The world is changing rapidly and there is no time to waste. Paying attention to eco-sustainability means thinking about the future of the planet and that of our children. For Ferplast, designing and manufacturing new products in a sustainable perspective has been a concrete commitment since many years.

There is a lot of talk about eco-sustainability which generic meaning is that each generation can satisfy its needs without compromising the possibility of future generations to satisfy their own. That’s why we have believed in this approach since a long time, partly using materials from industrial recycling and post-consumer one.

What does it mean to use recycled plastics?

In a circular economy perspective, the products are reused and regenerated after their use, to avoid waste and limit climate change. We do not commonly associate plastic with sustainability, but in reality it is possible to reuse it much more than we think.

Internal recycling in Ferplast

The first step taken by Ferplast several years ago was the introduction of INTERNAL RECYCLING, i.e. reusing the waste of our own production PRE-CONSUMER RECYCLING. To produce any plastic product, some parts are inevitably discarded. Realizing that those materials could be recycled to become raw materials again, we moved towards that road. In doing so, we have reduced the gap to a minimum and given new life to what would otherwise have been lost.

Circular economy, the new life for plastic

A further step forward has been made by our company in the past two years, when we started to use POST CONSUMER RECYCLED PLASTIC, i.e. materials that derive from the recovery of plastic products that have come to an end and that arrive to us thanks to the separate collection of waste. It is a huge effort by everyone to achieve the result we are proud of.

Currently more than half of the plastic used in Ferplast comes from recycling.
Choosing to follow the path of eco-sustainability was certainly not easy.
This involved great work by all our technicians, with the aim of reducing the use of fossil sources in Ferplast products. The Quality Control department has been committed to ensuring that the quality of the products made of recycled plastic always and in any case meets our high standards and all regulations regarding safety and respect for the environment.

Have you ever noticed that some dog houses such as DogVilla or parts of dog and cat carriers have a slightly less bright color? This is a way of recognizing some of our products made from recycled materials. Do you want certainty? Look for the green label that certifies our commitment to the environment.

Extracting the value of plastic waste is possible and we will continue this path, because we know that our efforts are important for the environment, but also for our attentive customers, who are friends and respectful of nature

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